Monday, December 31, 2012


Have you ever noticed that whenever you spread out anything on a table or desk,  your cat thinks you placed it there just for him or her?  I think this is typical cat behavior, don't you? We don't own them; they own us. As I did my Bible study this morning, "Little Cat" aka "Helen" joined me. I am sure that she had a better understanding of the book of Ezekiel than do I. Can you see our other cat, Barney, standing in the background to the left? I am sure she is trying to figure out a way to come lay down on my Bible too. Oh well . . . It's nice to hear that contended purring sound.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gertie, Nancy and the Dana Girls

Well, Gertie went with us to the Volunteer State. On the way home, we stopped at a favorite used book store. I found these two treasures for under $10. The Dana Girls are difficult to find, much less at the price of $3.00.  Gertie had a good time, but like the rest of us, was really glad to get home.  We encountered some snow and sleet coming over the mountain. Once we got on our side of the mountain, the weather seemed to calm down, but it is very windy and cold.  So good to be in the warm house with the dogs and cats.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Sense of Accomplishment


Chuck Swindoll was once asked what was the best feeling in the world. He responded, "the feeling of accomplishment." Today we were able to get some things accomplished, and I agree with Pastor Swindoll. I know it is LUDICROUS to take pictures of our bathroom, but you just don't know how pleased I am to
1. Have it clean
2. Feel up to cleaning it!
Can you believe I have had that shower curtain over 15 years? It is still a marvel. The only think new in the pictures is my collection of VitaBath products on the second picture. This is a 70's product that never really left the market--it was just overshadowed by all of the newer bath and shower gels.
Thanks for indulging me!
Tomorrow, we will go see DH's family in the Volunteer State. 

Everything Old is New Again

We have a thrift store in town where I find marvelous treasures. This picture is of a shelf, new to me, that I found in the thrift store. DH surprised me Christmas Eve with it. I am working to try to get a better picture or two, but here you can see not only a bit of the shelf, but also a completed cross stitch picture that I found at the same store. It was only $5. I couldn't believe that price  given how much work went into it. I actually have the pattern--maybe I will get around to doing my own version of it someday. There's nothing I could do better than this crafter did, though. It is beautiful and adds a lot to the wall.

Some Old Friends

I love these covers. These are not the latest covers for these classics, nor are they the original covers. They represent the artwork of the 50's and early 60's.  Does one ever outgrow Nancy Drew? 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Still Lovely . . .

This beautiful arrangement has held up so well. Isn't it something else?

Mystery of the Found Author

I stumbled on a book I had bought years ago for DD in a bulk purchase from my favorite ebay children's book seller. I had put it away for DD to get a little older. Well, I came upon it the other night, and took it upstairs to read myself.  Phyllis A. Whitney's Mystery of the Haunted Pool (1960) is marvelous. And apparently, I am not the only one to think it so--the Mystery Writers of America voted it the best juvenile mystery in 1961! I had no idea until I started looking for information about Miss Whitney.  I have seen her name on lots of books in all of our book store treks, and I am surprised that I have never read one until now.

Miss Whitney was born to American parents who worked in Japan in 1903. She lived to the grand age of 104, passing away in 2008. I knew nothing about her, but found all kinds of interesting information at an official web site,   There, you can find a list of her publications of books for both young people and adults. I love the picture of her below; haven't we all typed on a typewriter just like that?

The weather is very cold and blustery outside our house--of course not nearly so bad as in many places in the country--just very nippy. This weather makes staying in with a good book all the much more a blessing. I think we are going to survive this flu thing. I think being inside home together another day with our good books will make us all feel better. 
You are good medicine, Miss Whitney!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crayola Memories

Do you all remember this packaging of Crayola Crayons?  I thought this plastic box was the coolest thing ever, but my favorite size of crayons was the box of 48.  The 64 with the sharpener was almost too good to imagine. My teens are good enough to still color with me. When we have had a tough week, I declare, "time for a coloring party." We put on Adventures in Odyssey or something like that and color our fatigue and stress away! There's just something about the smell of the crayons and all the pretty colors--I have often thought that I like cross-stiching just because it is another form of coloring!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A 70's Christmas Retrospective

Oh my goodness! Who could forget the "Auto Cup"?  It was one of the more unsuccessful of my gifts for my mom. She always had a cup of coffee on her way into the office in the mornings, and I was sure that this would be the ticket!  The first day she used it was also the last day she used it; when she pushed the little lever to open the cup lid (very difficult to open, by the way) the coffee poured out all over her clothes. Today, someone would surely sue Mr. Popeil for having been scalded.

Moma had a much better spirit about the whole situation. The next year I wised up and gave her a crock pot (avocado green, of course).

P.S. DS1 howled with laughter at the boater speeding along with his Auto Cup. Wonder if he had his Popeil's Pocket Fisherman with him?

The Wind Around the Tower

I have been able to watch some tv the last few days, so I decided to watch the Murder, She Wrote episodes set in Ireland. They are great. I don't think they were actually filmed on the Emerald Isle, but I'm sure some "authentic" stock footage was used. These episodes are great not only for the setting, but because of the references to Miss Lansbury's own Irish heritage. Many of her family names are incorporated into the characters and dialog.  I guess my favorite of these episodes is "The Wind Around the Tower." It is from season 9. It has some truly eerie moments, but not too scary. I love this program--typically, the earlier seasons. The Irish episodes occur later on, "A Killing in Cork," "The Wond Around the Tower," "Another Killing in Cork," and a two-parter in the final season, "Nan's Ghost."  Do you have a favorite episode?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Make New Friends . . . .

Above and below you can see my new project. I stumbled on this Yarn Bee Hobby Lobby yarn a couple of weeks ago. It is too soft and lovely to describe. I started a granny square afghan for our home. I love the colors. Immediately below, you can see my friend, Gertie. I bought her at the Creation Museum, and DS2 named her for the character in the first animation short. She likes yarn crafts and just being with the family. 

But Keep the Old Ones . . .

Never fear, I am still working on the granny square afghan. I think I can finish the 33 squares left to go pretty shortly if I don't get distracted with the project above. There really is a different feel between the two types of yarn. Thank goodness, both are washable and can be thrown in the dryer!

A Little Christmas Cheer

Today I took my favorite pitcher to the florist and asked her to make me an arrangement around a rather modest price range. She outdid herself. Isn't this something else?  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Golden Calf

This is a stock picture from the internet, but it says so very much.  In my second grade class, our precious, precious teacher was a Pastor's wife. She began every day with the Lord's prayer. Every week, Mrs. Lutrell would come by with her cart containing her flannel graph for our Bible story.  This would have been about 1969, seven years after the Supreme Court in its "wisdom" deemed prayer in public schools an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment's "separation of Church and state."  Nine old men were fooled by the Tempter's idol--this time not a golden calf, but a parchment document.  The Constitution has become our Baal, and as a nation, we worship it above all other gods.

I thank God for Mrs, Robinson and Mrs. Lutrell and the school administrators at that little school in central Florida. They feared God more than man. The tragedies in the news these days are not because of the accessibility of guns, but the inaccessibility of Christ Jesus in the life of our nation and our nation's children,

"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me."
John 12:32

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pray Thee, quickly come.

I Hope this is Me Today!

Whew! The semester is finally over. This has been a whirlwind term--everyone has been so busy and stressed--not bad stress, but just the "tyranny of the urgent" as DH says. My house has suffered most; I'm sure not the best housekeeper in the world anyway . . . yikes!  The house is quiet (I'll tell you why in a minute), and I think I am going to start with the refrigerator. If my kitchen is clean, I feel like I'm off to a good start.

Our house is quiet because the kids have just gone to bed! Ha! They spent the day yesterday at the home of one of their homeschool group family's to watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies. Then, at midnight, they went to the showing of The Hobbit. After that, they all went to Waffle House (Dad was in on this one).  They came in so excited about it all. I love it when they have a good time with good friends. Dad went into the office to finish up some last paperwork, and I am left here with a quiet house and time to clean out the fridge!

Wishing you all a productive and happy day.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Go Fish!

This is the crunch time for all students and professors--final exams!  This has been a particularly busy season because of DS1's full time college schedule. The house is a complete wreck; my office at the college  and our school room at home are disasters, and there has been little time and even less motivation to get everything tidied.  Last night, DD decided to clean out the game closet while I was grading. We all had full tummies (breakfast for supper!), and DH, more exhausted than any of us, went to sleep, and I can't imagine how he was able to sleep with the all of the commotion of cleaning out the closet right outside our bedroom. She did a great job cleaning and straightening. She was astonished at all the games we had accumulated over the years. She asked when I would be through grading for the night. I had planned on grading until I was too sleepy to continue, but she talked me into quitting at 9:30 so we could play a game. To my surprise she picked out first a "Little Golden Books" set of cards (based on their characters) to play "Go Fish." We had a great time asking for the cards: "give me all your Tawny Scrawny Lions." Haha!  I thought she had probably had enough, but she wanted to play Go Fish with some regular cards and we played until almost 11:00. I know that when the Lord calls me home and asks me about my life, I will tell Him how grateful I am for times like these. They are based on a wealth, an abundance that He provides.  The "abundant life" he longs to give us is in the everyday joys He opens our eyes to seeing. Today, the boys walked into my classroom to tell me they were going up to the Library; I can't tell you how happy just seeing them made me. I have lots of grading left to do, but maybe I can talk them into a game of "Go Fish" later on, too!

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Baby Girl, A Great Day and 007

My Baby Girl turned 14 yesterday. I always tell her the day she was born was the best day of my life--but there were three better days-the days that each of the children asked Jesus into their hearts. I am grateful for our children and their tender, loving hearts.

DD had a great birthday weekend. Saturday, she wanted to go to Golden Corral so everyone could "graze" before doing a little shopping with her birthday money. She made wise choices and made the money count. We were going to go into the American Girl Store, but they were so full, there was a line to get in at all!

Of course, we went to Hobby Lobby.  If we can find the camera, I will post some pictures soon of our purchases. They always have something on a really good sale. We loved being in there. We bought her a new outfit for Church. The world has declared war on our girls, and finding modest clothes at modest prices is not easy. We found a BEAUTIFUL two piece skirt and top.  She loved it saying she thought it made her look like Nancy Drew (a high compliment from either of us).

The boys were able to go to their favorite place in the world, The Apple Store. We can't afford anything in there, but they love the feeling of the store. They are such good sports about everything. DS2 is great at voice impressions--the latest is Sean Connery, and he is really good at that one. I never know when Mr. Connery is going to pop up in the conversation. He is so funny.

Yesterday at Church, DH and DD sang the beautiful song, "Mary, Did You Know?'  DD has been playing it on the piano about 22 out of every 24 hours. It was beautiful.  We had our Church Christmas dinner after the service, and it was wonderful. I always think those moments offer glimpses of eternity with Christ.

We did not have services last night so we were able to come home and eat a leisurely supper and watch tv. We watched Star Trek IV:  the Voyage Home.  I loved hearing everyone laugh out loud.  We're ready for Monday . . . I hope.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rosy Memories

How many of you remember this lovely product? It is still around today, but hard to come by, and the milk bottle look is gone. I always lovingly associate this product with Norma Zimmer and the Lawrence Welk Show. I miss that type of programming so much. The beautiful dresses, the music, and the personalities we grew to know and love.
Was there a voice lovelier than Norma's? If you get a chance to read her autobiography or any of Mr. Welk's, they are worth your time. They are inspirational, positive and Christ-honoring, particularly Norma Zimmer's.

Our culture would be so much better off today with an hour of this type of programming. This is my favorite kind of "reality" tv.
"Good night,
sleep tight
and pleasant dreams to you . . ."

Christmas at the Ponderosa and At Our House

Years ago, I happened upon this CD in a Kroger Christmas CD display. It has been a mainstay of our holidays ever since.  The kids have memorized it by now, and they just don't think Christmas is on the calender unless they hear the Cartwrights singing.  They can all sing well, especially "Adam" (Pernell Roberts).

Do you  remember how stores and gas stations used to give out beautiful record albums at Christmas, usually featuring a wide variety of the most popular singers' renditions of the Season's songs?  Julie Andrews, Robert  Goulet, Steve and Eydie, Perry Como . . .     My parents had a nice collection of those records--usually from the gas station or Radio Shack.

Do you have a favorite Christmas album, old or new?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Rich or Poor?

Many in this nation are struggling financially this Christmas season, but even so, we are so very prosperous with regard to material wealth compared to many others in the world. But what truly defines prosperity, wealth and success? Is it a loaded bank account? A new car? A prestigious job? How about lots of milk and bread in the house? A jar of oil? A title? A good report from the doctor? Are these our aspirations?

This season, think about the Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.  It pointed the way to the most humble birth--the King of Kings born in the poorest of physical circumstances.  But, oh what a King!. He teaches us the meaning of true wealth:  love, kindness, freedom from the heavy burden of our sins, a moral compass to guide us, a Father's hand to hold us--are we not wealthy beyond a ledger's ability to tally?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Old Friends

What in the wold is Mary Kay thinking? I have loved Mary Kay for years, and even sold it a very short time. They used to have the loveliest line of fragrances, but they're all gone now. I understand marketing for a younger crowd, but why toss out the rest of us?  On a positive note, I do have these dear old friends as you can see from my picture.  I also remember the wonderful Avon fragrances of the 60's and 70's:  Sonnet, Moonwind, Bird of Paradise, Field Flowers, Cotillion and Topaz, to name a few. I always thought that the Topaz was so neat because the jar with the scented cream had a little Topaz-colored jewel in the lid! They have kept the perennial favorite, Sweet Honesty..  I have some!  Fragrant Memories!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Love in a 3-qt Pyrex Dish

This is a crazy week at our house, and I thought that maybe a nice, hot lunch would make the day a little kinder. The main dish is a Bisquick chicken pot pie. The tea is flavored with an orange and clove tea blend with the orange garnish for a little more pizzazz. I think everyone feels a little better about getting all that school work done today . . .

What I Really Want for Christmas . . .

Is a CLEAN HOUSE!  And this is a gift I would happily give myself. I just want the time to get everything clean--even the windows and screens. With the busyness of the Season and the close of the school semester, there seems to be little time for any real housework. Today, I am working from home, and I do have the day to work on the boys' laundry. That will make us all feel better!

Aren't these pretty? I found these in the store the other day, and bought the pink one. I love the scent of the traditional green Palmolive and have used it for probably over 20 years. I think when my pink stuff runs out, I will just refill the beautiful little bottle with it. The lemon would match my kitchen best, so I may try one of those.
Isn't it nice that the marketers know that there are still some of us who appreciate something pretty?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Waiting for Muffins . . .

Do you all remember this wonderful show? As I wait for our Sunday morning muffins to finish baking, thought I would share some thoughts about this great show.  Emergency!  was the show in the mid 70's when I was in school.  It came on Saturday nights at 8:00, and all of the kids would talk about it on Monday mornings.  My parents chose to watch All in the Family and the CBS line up of comedies.  Even on rerun nights, they didn't want to watch Emergency!  I really felt that I was missing something! Haha! One year, they enrolled me in a creative writing class outside of school time; one of the students from another school wrote every assignment about "Johnny"--Randolph Mantooth. I wonder if she ever got over that fascination with him?!

Anyway, our kids love it. We watch it whenever we can, and in fact have purchased over the last few years, the DVD seasons.  They are much less expensive now than they were when they first hit the market. Last night, Dad fixed our favorite Saturday night supper, hamburgers, fries and hot dogs --and apple pie, courtesy of Sarah Lee.  I ended up walking the dogs at the end of the episode, and missed the last crisis.  I asked DS1 this morning about the "end of the show explosion." We both laughed! The show always seems to have a terrific explosion and/or fire at the end of each show. Sure enough, there was one this time, too!

Well, time to check the muffins and get the clothes ready for everyone. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

I was thinking how funny it would be to look for one for my older teens for Christmas! Shoot! I'll look for one for me!

Beautiful Christmas Music

For many years, we have listened to the Bible Broadcasting Network--in fact, since 1986! Wow! For over half of my 50 years, BBN has been a good friend to me and my family.  When we lived in the mid-west, I couldn't get BBN , and even where we live in the SE now, we are in one of the few places where there is not a traditional station within range of our radio. HOWEVER, for several years now, we have been able to listen on the internet.

Every December 1st, the network begins its lovely Christian Christmas music; they continue their programming, but during the interludes of music, the music is some of the prettiest you will hear all season.
BBN has meant the world to me over the years.  I know for a fact that it brought me closer to the Lord during my years in graduate school. I was saved, but at best, a lukewarm Christian.  The programming on at that time, Chuck Swindoll, Back to the Bible with Dr. Warren Weirsbe, Thru the Bible with Dr. J Vernon McGee, and John MacArthur's Grace to You program. In those days, I had a Sony Walkman (remember those?), and it would be tuned to 90.5  WYFB. My day was more or less defined by what I could listen to. At lunch time, I would take my crackers and peanut butter and Chek cola (from Winn Dixie) and sit and listen to "Christian Classics." This was a program (which is still on) where a Christian book is read in 15-minute installments from beginning to end. The reader, Lynn Brooks, is so good at what she does.

All of this is a pretty nerdy look back, but it is also an encouragement for you to try BBN this Christmas. All of us need encouragement during this busy season.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home is Where the Potato Chips Are

Here are some shots from our kitchen. I guess it is the room in the house where I spend the most time. I love this kitchen. It is very simple, but has everything we need.  This house is the first house I have lived in where I have  had a dishwasher. I am completely spoiled now. In my bookshelf, you can see my groovy recipe keeper in the gold box . I found this at an antique store for $5! It is marvelous.
To the far right, you can see the back half of our wonderful little dog, Rascal. He is Mr. Personality, and we have considered having him run for President.    The bottom picture was taken on one of those very rare occasions when my counters are clean. I have the picture to remind me that it CAN be

May 2012

For my blogging friend, BRM.  Here is a little picture of our family at Church after we had DS1's homeschool graduation/piano recital.  DS1 is the one with the piano tie. DS2 is with him. I am in the middle of DH and DD.

Moonbeam Clock

What do you think of this little pink clock? I have one in my office at school as well. I just love it. I found it on Amazon some time back, and it was so much less than at other retailers. I love the analog face, and it does have such a nice little light.


I finished this lovely little project some time ago, and did not have the money at the time to have it framed the way I wanted to.  Guess what? I cannot find it at all. I have looked in all of my sewing baskets and bags. It is nowhere. In our family, we are always looking for something.  We need to declutter. My Dad lived by the old addage, "a place for everything and everything in its place."  He was almost fanatical about these things. I wish I had that gene.  Over the Christmas break, maybe I can find it!

Bowling Alley Fun

Well, here I go again. I was typing away, and my post disappeared. I wonder what I was typing that I wasn't supposed to be typing. Hmmm .... Anyway, here is the post  . . . . one more time. This semester, we have had a great time at the Bowling Alley! I always wanted to learn to bowl when I was a little girl, and I think this is the closest I will get to it.  DD and DS 2  participate in a homeschool group in a neighboring county, and once a week they get together for art lessons and drama.  The art lessons for their group are really centered around different media and art history. The history part is right up our alley.  They are also working on a production of Narnia, and DD is a character!  She is the bear in the Narnia forest. She was ok with the part, although she really wanted to be Susan, but now that she is practicing with the bear costume, she feels pretty silly.  She has not missed a single practice, and she learned her part very quickly (admittedly, not a lot of dialogue)--proving herself to be dependable. I keep telling her that being reliable as well as having a "good sport" attitude are major contributions to "the Company."  I need to remind myself of these truths in my circumstances.

During this three hour block of time, I sit in the bowling alley and work on school work. SInce DS2 is not part of the production (his choice), we get a couple of hours together to work on Latin or history.  The bowling alley is not quiet for sure, but amazingly, it has proven a great place to sit and do school work.  There is a little restaurant attached--it is safe, clean and very pleasant. The workers know us now, and are always so nice. We both get a HUGE Coke or Diet Coke while waiting for our little thespian to finish up.

I am grateful to have Tuesdays and Thursdays at home, and to be able to have the kids with me at the College on the days I do teach. I hope one day they will be able to look back fondly on these days--telling their children about hanging out with Granny at the bowling alley!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm On a Roll . . .

Oh no! I feel compelled to reveal my obsessiveness! Haha!  For years in College, I took all of the Latin courses I could, even though I was not a Classics major. I have always loved Latin, and hoped I could one day put all of those undergraduate and graduate hours to use.

When I was in grad school, I would go to the University's Science Library. It was and is a massive structure. The top floor was where all of the really serious students studied. It was silent. I would go up there with all of my Latin books, my nerdy pencil case and my Walkman and Star Trek soundtrack cassettes my dear friend and fellow fanatic, Steve Davis  had made for me. I would sit for hours, happily doing my translation work, listening to the ST soundtracks.

The past few years, the College where I teach History has given me the green light to teach Latin. It is the dream of a lifetime. Guess what I do when I am preparing the lessons? Yes! I  have all of my books, my nerdy pencil case and my Star Trek soundtracks, now on CD's from Amazon.

On a light note, I used to have to "sneak in" my diet coke to the library. If you were caught with food or drinks you could be asked to leave the Library. Now, there is a Star Buck's in the Library and you can take a pizza into the stacks if you want to do so!  My goodness, how things have changed.

BUT some things never change!  My diet coke may have changed to a diet mountain dew, but I still have my Wheelock's Latin, my ST soundtracks and my nerdy pencil case!

Happy Memories

To Boldly Go . . .
Star Trek has always meant the world to me. Our kids have grown up with ST:  TOS the way I did. I actually remember watching it first run with Daddy on  WESH, Channel 2 out of Orlando. At one point, Mom and Daddy bought a color TV in large part to be able to watch the reruns in color!  Last night, everyone had worked their way to bed after supper (we took a quick trip up to Tennessee to be with the family and are we tired!). DD asked me to watch an episode with her while we crocheted. How could I turn down that offer? We had a great time watching it together. She loves the old show, and like mom, likes to crochet or knit while watching TV (redeeming the time a bit, I guess). Anyway, all of this brought back such memories.

My parents went through a very difficult time around 1971.  My Dad's struggle with epilepsy had reached a crisis stage. He spent several months at the VA Hospital so that they could regulate his medication and try to bring the seizures under control.  Mom and I lived in a small but very wonderful little house. Star Trek came on an independent channel, Channel 44, every weeknight at 7:00. Many nights, my granny (Daddy's mom) would come over, and we would all watch Star Trek and have popcorn. I think that routine helped all of us in Daddy's absence.

Many years later, when I went to College (around the time of the emergence of VHS players and tapes), Daddy taped every Star Trek episode for me (he was afraid I would spend what little money I had on the Columbia House tapes--he was right!) He lovingly labeled the tapes and included Captain Kirk's "star dates" when he could! Isn't that hilarious?! I still have those tape he made for me, and treasure them more than you can know. (They were taped off of Channel 44 in the 80's). I love watching the old commercials from that era.

Jumping ahead to 1991, my dad passed away the same year as Gene Roddenberry--within just days of one another. I think Daddy would be so pleased to know that his grandchildren love Star Trek the way he did. And now, he has a "close up" view of the heavens and the earth as he sits in the presence of He who created them all.

I miss Moma and Daddy, but am grateful for the memories they left me with.

Monday, November 19, 2012

We're Home! Thank You, Lord Jesus

Thanks be to the Lord! We are home. We got in a little after 1:00 am this morning.  Those last miles over the mountains are no fun, but the boys were silly and had Dad laughing most of the way. There is no sweeter sound this side of heaven than your children laughing except maybe a tired husband laughing along with them.  We have this week off from classes, but have lots of work to do with the online coursework AND there is more laundry than the law should allow. I told DH this morning that I think the washer and dryer were happy we were out of town for a few days. We made an interesting stop on the way down I will share in a later post. Time to really get moving at a faster rate for now. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Deepest Thoughts

As I type this entry, we are about to head home after spending a few days here at the Creation Museum. I am ill-equipped to explain to readers what I am feeling after this time here. I want to gather my thoughts before I substantively comment on the Museum's mission. I felt like the men on the road to Emmaus with the Lord; after they heard the truth, they stated, "weren't our hearts ablaze within us . . .?"  My heart was and is certainly ablaze within me after hearing the truth of God's Word represented in such a dynamic way.
Hollywood figures and even members of our extended family have belittled the Museum and the message it represents--but they also belittle our Savior and demean His Word by picking and choosing what to believe and what to dismiss. I think that many who reject Creation Science do so because they believe that if they don't do so, they will seem uninformed at best, stupid at worst. Children are now taught that Evolution is a fact, not a theory.  When the Georgia school system wanted to place a disclaimer on student textbooks in public schools which stated that Evolution was a theory to be explored and not proven fact, former President Jimmy Carter went absolutely nuts.  He declared that Georgia schools would be the laughing stock of the world.  How can he dismiss so much of the Bible?

More later. We need to pack and load up the van.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"I Love This Yarn"

We are still here at the marvelous College Expo at the Creation Museum.  This morning we had just enough time to stop at Hobby Lobby while DH filled up the gas tank in the van. DD and I ran into the store and found our yarn. It was great. I actually found 4 colors I didn't have. (They are not these colors--this is a Hobby Lobby stock photo).  Last night, when we were all back in the room, I popped an episode of Bonanza into the  DVD player in the room. We watched the Cartwrights, and I was able to do some cross stitching. DD went online with her best friend and shared some of the info she had gathered from the conference (worthy of its own post). The boys did their thing, catching up with everyone back home via the internet. DH enjoyed reading and resting. We have had a good time here for sure, but is has been a lot of work--good work, without a doubt.