Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas at the Ponderosa and At Our House

Years ago, I happened upon this CD in a Kroger Christmas CD display. It has been a mainstay of our holidays ever since.  The kids have memorized it by now, and they just don't think Christmas is on the calender unless they hear the Cartwrights singing.  They can all sing well, especially "Adam" (Pernell Roberts).

Do you  remember how stores and gas stations used to give out beautiful record albums at Christmas, usually featuring a wide variety of the most popular singers' renditions of the Season's songs?  Julie Andrews, Robert  Goulet, Steve and Eydie, Perry Como . . .     My parents had a nice collection of those records--usually from the gas station or Radio Shack.

Do you have a favorite Christmas album, old or new?

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