Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beautiful Blogs

My turn toward Regency and Victorian era literature was inspired by Miss Laurie's beautiful blogs, Old Fashioned Charm and Rather Bookish. I posted her buttons over on the right and encourage  you all to take a peek at her work.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ready or Not . . .

School begins at the College next week. This week, we have had a ton of meetings, but  I was able to get DD started on her homeschool subjects. She will be with me a lot at school, and is actually sitting in on an Hebrew course.  I am not sure how that will go. It is a very hard subject,but she is most excited. I have a friend from high school who had a degree in music then has recently completed a degree at Seminary in Hebrew. I know she has been blessed by learning this tool to study the Word of God. I think DD has the same thought. We'll see. 
Today is our 22nd Anniversary. We have spent the day getting ready for school here and at the house. Tomorrow will be a lovely day at Church--we are having a nice dinner after Church and then the "3rd Sunday Singing." These will be nice respites from all the hub-bub of the past couple of weeks.
I feel spiritually zapped--I have not had the discipline I need in my Bible study and quiet time. I hope to get myself  back on track.
Hope your week will go well and that you will each be drawn closer to the Lord!

A Nice Night Together

This past week has been a stressful week, not bad, just getting everything ready for back to school at the College.  Late yesterday had lots of ups and downs. We all decided to fill up our book bags and go to Panera Bread for a light supper and some heavy reading time together. It was just what we needed. We sat in a room where another party was playing Rummikub. That was fun to watch, too. I think it was good for all of us to be together away from phones and computers. I am loving the new book we have chosen for the American Revolution course. DH brought his Bible and a Hardy Boys mystery (just because we are in our 50's doesn't mean we don't still love Frank, Joe, Nancy and Bess!) DH2 is reading C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity --I was pleased to hear him say this was one of his favorite books ever. DD is really enjoying Karen Kingsbury these days, but she had something else with her last night. DS1 is reading a book about Hong Kong (he is Mr. Non-Fiction). We all had such a good time just being together. I told DH this morning as he went off to Registration and Move-In for new students at the College that I am grateful, so grateful, that our kids are still at home with us. The boys are both in College now, but seem very content to be here. They will find their own way with their own families, but I cherish every moment we have them now.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Different Reads

I have never been much of a romance reader, and except for mysteries, I don't read a lot of fiction. But, I think I have really missed something special by not reading the novels of Jane Austen. Years ago, I enjoyed reading her  Northanger Abbey, but didn't read any of her other works. Now, I am giving it another go with Persuasion and Mansfield Park. I think my daughter will be truly ready for these in a year or two, and I would like to be able to talk about them with her.

Another title I'm enjoying is Winston Graham's Ross Poldark:  A Novel of Cornwall (1783-1787).
Poldark is an English soldier returning home from fighting in the Colonies in the American Revolution. I am hooked. We have the Masterpiece Theater mini series from many years ago, and I plan to watch it when I am finished with this first book. 

DH and I have noticed that not only are we losing some of our favorite bookstores, but the ones that are still here are downsizing in the amount of books they're selling. Many of the larger chains sell lots of "stuff" in addition to a dwindling number of books. In my adult years, I have seen the demise of Borders, Walden Books, B Dalton--the so-called "Brick and Mortar" stores have been replaced with the Kindles, Nooks and Amazon!  I can't relate to the idea of reading a book on a device. Our children have Kindles but use them primarily for music and news (since we don't do the fancy phones). We all still love the thrill of bringing home a new book or even more so the feeling of an old book found in a used book store. I love the edition of  Poldark I found for this post. 
What are you reading this week? Old or new? Fiction or non?
Hope you're enjoying this gift from the Lord. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Couldn't Resist . . . .

Festooned in her lovely new matching shawl and bonnet, Gertie had a tremendous time at the Blue Willow Inn.

A Day Out with the Family . . .

We were able to take a little trip today in honor of my birthday tomorrow. Our family went to Social Circle to eat lunch at The Blue Willow. It was just marvelous. The food was delicious and the ambiance was even more lovely. As you can see from the picture below, we even took Gertie. DD crocheted her a beautiful new yellow ensemble for the occasion.

We then went to nearby Covington. Many television shows and movies were filmed there, including one of DH's favorites, In the Heat of the Night. In an antique store we visited (which was very, very pleasant), there was a room dedicated to memorabilia from the show. DH had his picture taken with "Bubba."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good Old Golden Rule Days

That time of year is here--one of my very favorites--back to school! I love the approach of autumn, the excitement of the new school year, getting school supplies, and beginning new subjects with new books (new to us, anyway). Before we were able to homeschool our children, this time of year had a tinge of sadness--we would be sending them off. I really missed them when they were gone. This year, I will have two at the College with DH and I. DS2 is beginning his freshman year. DD will be getting started in earnest at the first of next week, but we are working a bit this week to make the transition easier. 

She will be doing more reading than ever. We have stepped away from video classes a bit more this year (nothing wrong with them at all--they're great) and are using a combination of resources and curricula:  Beautiful Feet Books, Memoria Press, Christian Liberty Press and a few others. My goal is to post on each subject area.

I think we are all glad about getting back to more of a routine. Routines bring so much comfort to me personally but can be so elusive when I am trying to establish them. The key to a successful day is beginning with time with the Lord. That has to be the centerpiece of my routine, and I want to be more disciplined. Many years ago, when DD was actually on the way, I drove all over teaching College courses to high school seniors for the College where I worked. It was not the easiest semester I had experienced. I had morning sickness EVERY DAY, several times a day. (That was one routine I was glad to see ended). Anyway, when I knew that the semester was to hold some real challenges, I began the practice of starting each day with time with the Lord. I had some books by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. I began each day with a Diet Mountain Dew, Mrs. Dean and my Bible. The Lord brought me through those difficult days, and DD was born the day after I gave my last final for the fall term! We all survived!  All that is to share my heartfelt and heart-experienced that the key to contentment is time with He Who gave you life.

As Summer Comes to a Close . . .

As our summer quickly comes to a close, this is a good time to reflect on the Lord's blessings throughout this season. I can say this has been one of the busiest summers ever--for all of us. All of our children (teenagers, but still our "children"), thanks to His provision through our Church and a precious and loving family friend, were able to attend life-changing music camps. These camps built their self-confidence and strengthened their love for the Lord. They are still singing and playing the songs they learned. They made friends which I believe will always be with them. DD and DS1 went to a camp where they learned to read (and sing!) shape notes. DS2 had the time of his life at a GBC music camp, and he won a scholarship for the College this year! He gained self-confidence and poise. I am so proud of each of them and so very grateful for the opportunities they had. They are all excited about next year's camps!

We had a great time at Bible School. I am always amazed at how much our little Congregation can do--but there again, it is the Lord's Provision. Everyone works together out of love for Him and for each other. I can't tell you how much I love these dear Saints of the Lord.

There 's much to still do in the way of schoolwork for Fall and housework, but I did get some significant tasks accomplished (not on my own, I can assure you). I am most happy with getting the boys' room really sorted through and cleaned so that they can better keep it clean in the busy back-to-school days to come. Our closet is 90% cleaned and organized. I had a lap desk that had ripped and millions of little white dots were everywhere. I thought I would never get them gone, but they are now! I went through so many clothes that we have had since before we were married. I had a ton of flannel nightgowns from when we lived in Missouri. They were old and soft and still comfy and they now how new, loving homes.

I have not accomplished much on the crafting front,and I had really hope to, but these things are waiting for me to return to shortly.

 I will turn 51 on Friday, and am so grateful for the paths that the Lord has taken me down. He has never left me. He will never leave us; His Word promises us that. May you rest in that sweet assurance this day.