Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This has been another very busy week.  This will be the last week of summer classes--I am grateful for them, more than I can say, but it will be nice to get them wrapped up. I have had very nice students this summer.  This week at home, we have all been back in the nest and that is WONDERFUL.  I have been trying to catch up on everyone's laundry, think about school in the fall for my daughter and my classes at the College AND clean our closets!  HA!  I want you all to know that DH and I cleaned out 22 years worth of clothes and took them for our food/clothing give-away tomorrow at Church. Most of our clothes are VERY well-worn. We even had the outfits we wore on our first date 23 years ago!  What a trip down memory lane.

Tonight was great at Church but we had an interesting drive over and back. We had one terrific thunderstorm, complete with hail before we left. Then, on the way back home, we drove through another major storm. It was something else! We were all happy to be back in the house, safe and sound. Thank You, Lord, for Your goodness.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Nest . . .

Yesterday was such a strange but OK day. DH (dear husband) went up to another state to visit his dad who had successful outpatient surgery. DH took with him DD who went to spend a few days with her best friend and her family. DS 1 and 2 went to Six Flags with their friends. I taught my class early in the morning, went to the grocery store and came home to a house that was way too quiet. But my best friends brought me supper (delicious home-style food from a local restaurant). My Uncle Ray called and we talked for a long time--probably the best conversation we have had in many years. I got some grading done for my online class and did lots of laundry. I missed everyone but had a good day and a really different kind of day.

The boys came in about 10:30, having  had the time of their lives. I am so pleased they were able to do this. DD made it to her friend's house and they have done the girly things, painting toenails and making funny videos singing Elvis songs (yes, Elvis songs). I copied their toenail masterpiece below.  DH had some good visiting time with his family and will have a nice breakfast with his sisters today before coming home. I just remembered that today would have been their mother's 80th birthday. I know that she would be overjoyed at her children being together this day.

Looking forward to having all my chicks back under one roof and DH back on his side of the bed, but grateful to the Lord for His blessings yesterday.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunday Night with the Cartwrights

We had a great day with our Church family yesterday. Sunday evenings are my favorite services. The Pastor is teaching from the Book of Judges on Sunday nights. I need to post about that later. Anyway, when we came home, we had a great easy supper of sandwiches and fruit. We watched a great episode of Bonanza --what a great way to end the day. I watched another episode before heading off to go to sleep. There's just something about the Ponderosa and its occupants!