Friday, December 7, 2012

Rich or Poor?

Many in this nation are struggling financially this Christmas season, but even so, we are so very prosperous with regard to material wealth compared to many others in the world. But what truly defines prosperity, wealth and success? Is it a loaded bank account? A new car? A prestigious job? How about lots of milk and bread in the house? A jar of oil? A title? A good report from the doctor? Are these our aspirations?

This season, think about the Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.  It pointed the way to the most humble birth--the King of Kings born in the poorest of physical circumstances.  But, oh what a King!. He teaches us the meaning of true wealth:  love, kindness, freedom from the heavy burden of our sins, a moral compass to guide us, a Father's hand to hold us--are we not wealthy beyond a ledger's ability to tally?