Monday, November 19, 2012

We're Home! Thank You, Lord Jesus

Thanks be to the Lord! We are home. We got in a little after 1:00 am this morning.  Those last miles over the mountains are no fun, but the boys were silly and had Dad laughing most of the way. There is no sweeter sound this side of heaven than your children laughing except maybe a tired husband laughing along with them.  We have this week off from classes, but have lots of work to do with the online coursework AND there is more laundry than the law should allow. I told DH this morning that I think the washer and dryer were happy we were out of town for a few days. We made an interesting stop on the way down I will share in a later post. Time to really get moving at a faster rate for now. 


  1. So glad you are home safely! Miss Janice

  2. Glad you are home.

    I so understand about laundry..I can't go one day without washing!


  3. Oh, thank you, girls. It is so good to be back home.