Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm On a Roll . . .

Oh no! I feel compelled to reveal my obsessiveness! Haha!  For years in College, I took all of the Latin courses I could, even though I was not a Classics major. I have always loved Latin, and hoped I could one day put all of those undergraduate and graduate hours to use.

When I was in grad school, I would go to the University's Science Library. It was and is a massive structure. The top floor was where all of the really serious students studied. It was silent. I would go up there with all of my Latin books, my nerdy pencil case and my Walkman and Star Trek soundtrack cassettes my dear friend and fellow fanatic, Steve Davis  had made for me. I would sit for hours, happily doing my translation work, listening to the ST soundtracks.

The past few years, the College where I teach History has given me the green light to teach Latin. It is the dream of a lifetime. Guess what I do when I am preparing the lessons? Yes! I  have all of my books, my nerdy pencil case and my Star Trek soundtracks, now on CD's from Amazon.

On a light note, I used to have to "sneak in" my diet coke to the library. If you were caught with food or drinks you could be asked to leave the Library. Now, there is a Star Buck's in the Library and you can take a pizza into the stacks if you want to do so!  My goodness, how things have changed.

BUT some things never change!  My diet coke may have changed to a diet mountain dew, but I still have my Wheelock's Latin, my ST soundtracks and my nerdy pencil case!


  1. :)

    I'm in awe! Latin? I so wish I had finished college. I took "one" semester off because mom had a heart attack and then I got married. Life!

    But I'm excited you have your Star Trek and are teaching eager students. Your teachings will last a lifetime.

  2. There may be a time when you can go back if you want to. I have been teaching 20 years, and my returning students are always the best. You made the BEST decision. I was not a good Latin student early on, but came to love it. I am in awe of what you do! You do what really matters --loving and taking care of your family.

  3. oops--this is my daughter's login--It's really me--Homeschool Mom.