Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying Good Bye and Hello

We are all thankful to God for giving us another year here on Earth with our family and friends. 2013, like many years, had its own highs and lows. Do you have any Resolutions or goals for the New Year?
My prayer is that we all grow closer to the Lord Jesus, listening to and following the Holy Spirit and to have a year in which we strive to please the Father with our love for Him and one another! I have so many things to work on in my heart and thoughts, but I am grateful for those painful moments when I realize my words and deeds are not pleasing to Him! He isn't giving up on me! Thanks for your friendship and many, many kindnesses this year, dear friends. May we honor Him in 2014!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wheelock's, Mr. Spock and Me

This has been a nice Christmas break so far. We are headed up to visit my husband's family shortly, and then back home for a couple of weeks of vacation. This vacation will be spent at our home, catching up on laundry, dusting, cleaning floors and bathrooms--all the things which have been neglected for months.  I am really excited about this opportunity. I also plan to spread out the Latin books and work on the material for the Spring semester. Some of you know that this course is a longed -for labor of love (the Latin, not the laundry). Years ago, when I was petitioning the College Administration for permission to teach this, my dear friend and Head Librarian of the College asked me what she should get for the library if the courses were approved.  My response was, "party hats"!  Well, a few years and hats later, the course is moving along, and I feel more confident than I did those first couple of semesters. This year's group (which will continue with me in the Spring) was perhaps the nicest I have had. They do their work, come to class and never complain within earshot of the Instructor!  This dream all began  years ago in the top floor of the UF Science Library where I went to do my Latin homework every day. I took as many classes in Latin as I could as a History graduate student. The top floor of the Marston Science Library was always the quietest--it was where the international students in the Sciences at UF studied. I liked being up there because it was so peaceful. I listened to my cassettes of Star Trek TOS soundtrack music with my little Sony Walkman. I had a trusty pencil bag full of number 1 pencils, Eraser Mate pens and a SILENT silver pencil sharpener.  Today, I have a CD player, an electric pencil sharpener and a cold Mountain Dew to accompany my work. The Lord is so good to give us these things! I can't wait to pull out my Wheelock's Latin and get ready for the new term!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gertie and the Teen Titans

Well, here they are at the Creation Museum, on our way home after two glorious days at their College Fair. Every College and University invited to participate teaches Creationism, Science from its true, Biblical perspective. Our kids have such a great time at this event. Last year, we purchased Gertie from the gift store, and she was happy to make the trip back.

As I always say when I talk about the Creation Museum, it is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been in my life. Ken Ham and his team of scientists honor God and His Holy Word, and you can feel that as you walk through the various exhibits.

We are so grateful to be at a College (which has just been granted university status by SACS) where the Word of God is honored and taught.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vanna's Choice

One day a couple of months ago, my DD bought this lovely Vanna White book pictured  in the blog.She loved the Vanna's Choice yarn as well as the patterns in the book. She made a lovely ripple pattern afghan for her Dad using BEAUTIFUL Autumn colors. I will have to show you a picture of it soon. I had never had any luck even understanding how to start a ripple pattern afghan, but DD got me started, and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking a break from granny squares! Haha! The pink you see is just so very lovely. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. I am working on this throw for a bench we have in the living room.  All of the patterns in the book are easy (just what I need) and some are on the beginner level (again, just what I need). But no matter how easy they are, I couldn't have made these had I not a live-in tutor who is very patient with her mother. Oh and look at the groovy bamboo-handle size N hook in the picture. I have never gone larger than a "j"! I like the wood handle. I wish I could find one of these hooks with a light since I do most of this handwork on the way to and from Church. We are all hoping for a little slow-down time here at the end of the semester. The Fall Term has been a good one, but so very hectic. Some of the sweetest moments have been when we all take a break and watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!  here and there.

Visiting the National Parks with Lion Brand

I am working on an afghan for DS1, and I thought carefully for a long time about the colors I would use. He loves greens, golds and oranges. He loves flags, all things patriotic and anything to do with National Parks. He has a beloved World Book Encyclopedia set from the early 60's that is olive and blue--he loves that set so much, I had originally intended to make the afghan in those WB colors.  However, one day I was looking at yarn and noticed the Lion Brand Heartland line. Oh my goodness! Not only is it super soft and beautiful, it is a line of colors commemorating the National Parks. Well, there was no looking back. I bought most of my yarn at Jo Ann's because they had it at $3.99 a ball. I went back last night to look for some more, and it was almost all sold out! I think there were just a couple of balls left.  So I went on the JoAnn's website and found it at the same price (it is normally $5.99 a ball).  I have ordered from them before, and found that they deliver very quickly. Normally, I prefer doing business with Hobby Lobby, but we haven't been able to get up there since I began this project.  I think I can get this finished--I will have some time once final grades are submitted. I'll try to post again with more pictures as I progress.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Time Changer

This semester has been one of the busiest in my memory. I think part of the difference is having both boys at the College, each with their own schedules. Last night we had a very short window of time before everyone had to head back to the College for a function. We took the time to watch a movie we have had for about a month or so. I can't recommend Time Changer enough. It is available on Amazon, but we bought our copy at the Creation Museum. The point of the movie is that we live in a society where morals are neither ascribed to nor defined by Jesus Christ, and as such, are subject to questioning and change, and ultimately collapse and failure.

When we were at the Museum representing the College, I heard a lecture presented by Dr. Georgia Purdom. She argued that when discussing or arguing issues of morality, the Christian must stand on God's Word--That and That alone.  Science, logic and reason seem infallible, but they change with the times. God's Word never changes--

I wish I could present what she said more eloquently. But if you can't hear her speak or read her books. you CAN find this wonderful movie in which the same principle is presented in a thought-provoking drama.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beautiful Blogs

My turn toward Regency and Victorian era literature was inspired by Miss Laurie's beautiful blogs, Old Fashioned Charm and Rather Bookish. I posted her buttons over on the right and encourage  you all to take a peek at her work.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ready or Not . . .

School begins at the College next week. This week, we have had a ton of meetings, but  I was able to get DD started on her homeschool subjects. She will be with me a lot at school, and is actually sitting in on an Hebrew course.  I am not sure how that will go. It is a very hard subject,but she is most excited. I have a friend from high school who had a degree in music then has recently completed a degree at Seminary in Hebrew. I know she has been blessed by learning this tool to study the Word of God. I think DD has the same thought. We'll see. 
Today is our 22nd Anniversary. We have spent the day getting ready for school here and at the house. Tomorrow will be a lovely day at Church--we are having a nice dinner after Church and then the "3rd Sunday Singing." These will be nice respites from all the hub-bub of the past couple of weeks.
I feel spiritually zapped--I have not had the discipline I need in my Bible study and quiet time. I hope to get myself  back on track.
Hope your week will go well and that you will each be drawn closer to the Lord!

A Nice Night Together

This past week has been a stressful week, not bad, just getting everything ready for back to school at the College.  Late yesterday had lots of ups and downs. We all decided to fill up our book bags and go to Panera Bread for a light supper and some heavy reading time together. It was just what we needed. We sat in a room where another party was playing Rummikub. That was fun to watch, too. I think it was good for all of us to be together away from phones and computers. I am loving the new book we have chosen for the American Revolution course. DH brought his Bible and a Hardy Boys mystery (just because we are in our 50's doesn't mean we don't still love Frank, Joe, Nancy and Bess!) DH2 is reading C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity --I was pleased to hear him say this was one of his favorite books ever. DD is really enjoying Karen Kingsbury these days, but she had something else with her last night. DS1 is reading a book about Hong Kong (he is Mr. Non-Fiction). We all had such a good time just being together. I told DH this morning as he went off to Registration and Move-In for new students at the College that I am grateful, so grateful, that our kids are still at home with us. The boys are both in College now, but seem very content to be here. They will find their own way with their own families, but I cherish every moment we have them now.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Different Reads

I have never been much of a romance reader, and except for mysteries, I don't read a lot of fiction. But, I think I have really missed something special by not reading the novels of Jane Austen. Years ago, I enjoyed reading her  Northanger Abbey, but didn't read any of her other works. Now, I am giving it another go with Persuasion and Mansfield Park. I think my daughter will be truly ready for these in a year or two, and I would like to be able to talk about them with her.

Another title I'm enjoying is Winston Graham's Ross Poldark:  A Novel of Cornwall (1783-1787).
Poldark is an English soldier returning home from fighting in the Colonies in the American Revolution. I am hooked. We have the Masterpiece Theater mini series from many years ago, and I plan to watch it when I am finished with this first book. 

DH and I have noticed that not only are we losing some of our favorite bookstores, but the ones that are still here are downsizing in the amount of books they're selling. Many of the larger chains sell lots of "stuff" in addition to a dwindling number of books. In my adult years, I have seen the demise of Borders, Walden Books, B Dalton--the so-called "Brick and Mortar" stores have been replaced with the Kindles, Nooks and Amazon!  I can't relate to the idea of reading a book on a device. Our children have Kindles but use them primarily for music and news (since we don't do the fancy phones). We all still love the thrill of bringing home a new book or even more so the feeling of an old book found in a used book store. I love the edition of  Poldark I found for this post. 
What are you reading this week? Old or new? Fiction or non?
Hope you're enjoying this gift from the Lord. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Couldn't Resist . . . .

Festooned in her lovely new matching shawl and bonnet, Gertie had a tremendous time at the Blue Willow Inn.

A Day Out with the Family . . .

We were able to take a little trip today in honor of my birthday tomorrow. Our family went to Social Circle to eat lunch at The Blue Willow. It was just marvelous. The food was delicious and the ambiance was even more lovely. As you can see from the picture below, we even took Gertie. DD crocheted her a beautiful new yellow ensemble for the occasion.

We then went to nearby Covington. Many television shows and movies were filmed there, including one of DH's favorites, In the Heat of the Night. In an antique store we visited (which was very, very pleasant), there was a room dedicated to memorabilia from the show. DH had his picture taken with "Bubba."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good Old Golden Rule Days

That time of year is here--one of my very favorites--back to school! I love the approach of autumn, the excitement of the new school year, getting school supplies, and beginning new subjects with new books (new to us, anyway). Before we were able to homeschool our children, this time of year had a tinge of sadness--we would be sending them off. I really missed them when they were gone. This year, I will have two at the College with DH and I. DS2 is beginning his freshman year. DD will be getting started in earnest at the first of next week, but we are working a bit this week to make the transition easier. 

She will be doing more reading than ever. We have stepped away from video classes a bit more this year (nothing wrong with them at all--they're great) and are using a combination of resources and curricula:  Beautiful Feet Books, Memoria Press, Christian Liberty Press and a few others. My goal is to post on each subject area.

I think we are all glad about getting back to more of a routine. Routines bring so much comfort to me personally but can be so elusive when I am trying to establish them. The key to a successful day is beginning with time with the Lord. That has to be the centerpiece of my routine, and I want to be more disciplined. Many years ago, when DD was actually on the way, I drove all over teaching College courses to high school seniors for the College where I worked. It was not the easiest semester I had experienced. I had morning sickness EVERY DAY, several times a day. (That was one routine I was glad to see ended). Anyway, when I knew that the semester was to hold some real challenges, I began the practice of starting each day with time with the Lord. I had some books by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. I began each day with a Diet Mountain Dew, Mrs. Dean and my Bible. The Lord brought me through those difficult days, and DD was born the day after I gave my last final for the fall term! We all survived!  All that is to share my heartfelt and heart-experienced that the key to contentment is time with He Who gave you life.

As Summer Comes to a Close . . .

As our summer quickly comes to a close, this is a good time to reflect on the Lord's blessings throughout this season. I can say this has been one of the busiest summers ever--for all of us. All of our children (teenagers, but still our "children"), thanks to His provision through our Church and a precious and loving family friend, were able to attend life-changing music camps. These camps built their self-confidence and strengthened their love for the Lord. They are still singing and playing the songs they learned. They made friends which I believe will always be with them. DD and DS1 went to a camp where they learned to read (and sing!) shape notes. DS2 had the time of his life at a GBC music camp, and he won a scholarship for the College this year! He gained self-confidence and poise. I am so proud of each of them and so very grateful for the opportunities they had. They are all excited about next year's camps!

We had a great time at Bible School. I am always amazed at how much our little Congregation can do--but there again, it is the Lord's Provision. Everyone works together out of love for Him and for each other. I can't tell you how much I love these dear Saints of the Lord.

There 's much to still do in the way of schoolwork for Fall and housework, but I did get some significant tasks accomplished (not on my own, I can assure you). I am most happy with getting the boys' room really sorted through and cleaned so that they can better keep it clean in the busy back-to-school days to come. Our closet is 90% cleaned and organized. I had a lap desk that had ripped and millions of little white dots were everywhere. I thought I would never get them gone, but they are now! I went through so many clothes that we have had since before we were married. I had a ton of flannel nightgowns from when we lived in Missouri. They were old and soft and still comfy and they now how new, loving homes.

I have not accomplished much on the crafting front,and I had really hope to, but these things are waiting for me to return to shortly.

 I will turn 51 on Friday, and am so grateful for the paths that the Lord has taken me down. He has never left me. He will never leave us; His Word promises us that. May you rest in that sweet assurance this day.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This has been another very busy week.  This will be the last week of summer classes--I am grateful for them, more than I can say, but it will be nice to get them wrapped up. I have had very nice students this summer.  This week at home, we have all been back in the nest and that is WONDERFUL.  I have been trying to catch up on everyone's laundry, think about school in the fall for my daughter and my classes at the College AND clean our closets!  HA!  I want you all to know that DH and I cleaned out 22 years worth of clothes and took them for our food/clothing give-away tomorrow at Church. Most of our clothes are VERY well-worn. We even had the outfits we wore on our first date 23 years ago!  What a trip down memory lane.

Tonight was great at Church but we had an interesting drive over and back. We had one terrific thunderstorm, complete with hail before we left. Then, on the way back home, we drove through another major storm. It was something else! We were all happy to be back in the house, safe and sound. Thank You, Lord, for Your goodness.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Nest . . .

Yesterday was such a strange but OK day. DH (dear husband) went up to another state to visit his dad who had successful outpatient surgery. DH took with him DD who went to spend a few days with her best friend and her family. DS 1 and 2 went to Six Flags with their friends. I taught my class early in the morning, went to the grocery store and came home to a house that was way too quiet. But my best friends brought me supper (delicious home-style food from a local restaurant). My Uncle Ray called and we talked for a long time--probably the best conversation we have had in many years. I got some grading done for my online class and did lots of laundry. I missed everyone but had a good day and a really different kind of day.

The boys came in about 10:30, having  had the time of their lives. I am so pleased they were able to do this. DD made it to her friend's house and they have done the girly things, painting toenails and making funny videos singing Elvis songs (yes, Elvis songs). I copied their toenail masterpiece below.  DH had some good visiting time with his family and will have a nice breakfast with his sisters today before coming home. I just remembered that today would have been their mother's 80th birthday. I know that she would be overjoyed at her children being together this day.

Looking forward to having all my chicks back under one roof and DH back on his side of the bed, but grateful to the Lord for His blessings yesterday.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunday Night with the Cartwrights

We had a great day with our Church family yesterday. Sunday evenings are my favorite services. The Pastor is teaching from the Book of Judges on Sunday nights. I need to post about that later. Anyway, when we came home, we had a great easy supper of sandwiches and fruit. We watched a great episode of Bonanza --what a great way to end the day. I watched another episode before heading off to go to sleep. There's just something about the Ponderosa and its occupants!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Cannot Believe . . .

 . . .  I have spent so many years of my life studying, revering and teaching about the Supreme Court of the United States.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In TImes Like These . . . We Need the Bible

I cannot read, watch or listen to the news without being so terribly discouraged by the evil in the world and in our own government. The President is currently visiting Ireland where as  he addressed young people in a speech he called  for them to abandon Catholic schools. Unbelievable. I feel that if he had the time, he would launch a campaign against homeschooling--anything that allows the family to teach rather than the state to indoctrinate certainly represents a threat to him and his ungodly agenda.

Tonight while I was doing some school work, I listened to my beloved  Bible Broadcasting Netowrk, and the music there soothed my soul. On the one hand, I want to retreat into the enclave of my family, church and school. On the other, if we all withdraw from the arena, the enemy will continue to walk with impunity through our culture and our lives unabated.

We must teach our children and arm them with the Word of God and we must know what we believe and why we believe it AND be ready to take a stand.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Baby Boy

Our 17-year-old, 6'4 baby boy graduated from high school this past month. He had a great day at his Graduation and Senior Recital ceremony.  He has the kindest and most  innocent heart of anyone I know. We are so very grateful that the Lord gave us this precious gift!

Relocating . . .

We moved this favorite book shelf from the dining room to the living room. The rocking chair was given to DH by his mom a number of years back. The beautiful afghan was made by a dear friend at Church. The red books you see on the second shelf were purchased at an impromptu flea market at a children's park when we lived in the Volunteer State. All of the books on that particular set of shelves are like members of our family.

Ruskin Tomatoes

We stopped at a local vegetable stand yesterday, and I found these beautiful tomatoes. The nice lady volunteered that they were from Florida. When she told me they were actually from Ruskin, Florida, I was thrilled beyond measure!  I have picked tomatoes aplenty down there. It is a county over from my home town, and it is situated on the Gulf  Coast. I think there is something about the salt air and the brackish water that makes these tomatoes beautiful and so tasty. There are many things I don't miss about my home state, but many more that I do.  I love where we live more than anywhere we have been in our 22 years of marriage, but sometimes I miss those Gulf breezes, the pelicans and gulls and the beautiful tropical foliage.

Having said that, I was just thinking the other day that this must be the most beautiful part of the entire world.  Isn't God, our Loving Creator, magnificent in the variety and vastness of His Creation?


This is probably the only blog you see which includes posts about bathrooms. I am sorry, but I have to post this picture of a completed home-improvement project. DH and I are NOTvery gifted in this area, but the Lord has given us the blessing of perseverance. We moved in this house almost 10 years ago and it has been the most wonderful blessing you can imagine for our family.  
The main bath, pictured here, had lovely, lovely wallpaper. It was in its prime, a nice print. Unfortunately because the room tends to be dark and because there is no fan, mold and mildew became our constant adversaries. I was getting to the point that I scrubbing off the wallpaper just to get the yucky stuff off as well. 
Boldly going where I had never been before, several month ago, I began stripping the wallpaper from the walls. Needless to say, I looked on every web site I could to get proper directions, and I followed those directions to the letter. Unfortunately, this wallpaper clung to life (and to the walls). It did not want to leave after probably about 30 years of dedicated service. The battle became a real clash of wills between the paper and me! The paper was easier to get off than the coating of glue underneath.
The Pastor helped and made such a difference. I couldn't have finished without his help and encouragement. 
Once we got the walls cleared and cleaned, he painted with a mildew-fighting primer and then later a beautiful top coat. He did the same on the ceiling. I painted the trim and door facings and he painted the doors.  We had begun to wonder if it would ever be completed!
I am grateful on so many levels to have been able to do this. We were out of comfort zone to say the least, and we didn't have a lot of money to pour into it. Our school and church schedules have been so full that we didn't have a lot of time to put into until after the semester was over.
But, it is done and we are grateful that the Lord is involved in our every day lives. He is with us in the big projects, the little projects, and the moments in between.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Reading

This summer is going to be interesting. All of DH's classes are on line. I have an online and an "in person" class.  The children are all attending music camps here in the next couple of weeks. DD has a nice art group getting started today as well. I don't want the summer to get by us without doing some significant reading together. The boys and I are going to revisit Ivanhoe and maybe Captains Courageous. DD is enjoying Francine Rivers, but I want her to read Daniel Defoe's great story of brokenness and redemption, Robinson Crusoe. The boys and I have read this together in several forms over the  years, but I really love these Windermere readers. I even ordered a second copy from the Amazon market place (for a song, may I add). DD and I can work through it together. I have some activities to go along with it, and we might make a notebooking project out of it as well.

This is not only a great literary work, it is a story of a man broken by his own willfulness. He loses everything and finally becomes a man God can reach.  Robinson is the ultimate literary prodigal.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Look at This!

Well, this is just about the prettiest girls' room linens I have ever seen. I stumbled on this add the other day.I will post a picture of DD's sheet set soon. We washed the one we found and she put it on her bed. I haven't found any pillowcases yet, but her plain yellow ones go perfectly with the sheets.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Leave It to Beaver and Baked Carrots

Tonight, I had a late start in getting supper going. I made a huge pot of mashed potatoes, some crock pot chicken and a new recipe for cooked carrots. This meal called for lots of pealing and paring, dicing and mashing. To make my tasks a bit lighter,  I popped in a Leave It To Beaver DVD. I love watching this show as much at age 50 as I did when I first saw it at about 4 years old. I don't mind telling you  that I laughed out loud several times. DD heard me one time and hollered out to me, "I love that episode."  Haha. Timeless comedy!

Here is a new recipe (new to me at least) for baked carrots.  Simply scrub or peel a pan full of carrots--you can use the baby carrots that are so easy to find these days or the regular sized carrots. Just try to make sure they are sliced or presented in uniform sizes for consistency in baking. Drizzle a bit of olive oil over the carrots; then dash a bit of sea salt and pepper on top. Toss a bit and place in a pre-heated over (425) for about 25 minutes. They are so flavorful this way! This will remind you a bit of carrots cooked in a beef stew or pot roast all day. They are still a little crisp  but not crunchy. You may substitute butter for the olive oil, but I think the oil brings out the carrot flavor!

Monday, May 27, 2013

God Bless America . . . Land that I Love

May God bless this country as we honor those who have fought and died for her. I hope we can once again be a country worthy of such a sacrifice and worthy of His Supreme and Divine Love. 
We must return to Him as
the Light from Above."

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Night on the Town . . . and On the Ground

DS1 recently celebrated his 19th birthday and received some birthday money.  He is usually very close with his money, but after a night on the town, he came home with 2 gallons of sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A.  He was so pleased with himself! He and his friends (one of whom works at this establishment) ate supper at Chick-Fil-A, then went to see the new Star Trek movie. DS had already seen the movie with mom and siblings, but was excited about seeing it again. As if this were not enough excitement, they all went to the soccer field at the College where they engaged in "Star tripping." I have never heard of this pastime, but he was so tickled  when he came in telling us all about it. Apparently, you fix your eyes on a particular star, then spin around in place about 10 times, all the while watching that same star. Then, someone else shines a flashlight in your eyes and that makes you fall down. Now, being dizzy and falling down doesn't sound particularly appealing to me, but they seemed to love it. And believe me, this is a crowd of teetotalers.

These are nice young men. They each love the Lord and serve Him with gladness in their own unique ways.I am grateful that DS1  has such good friends even if I am a bit confused about "star tripping."

Friday, May 24, 2013

Thanking God for His Traveling Mercies

DD's best friend and her family went recently to a very large city, and she commented that they were pretty much awestruck.  That's how I feel in the city--I am a Country Mouse for sure. We praise God for their safe travel, and ask His blessings for our other friends traveling this week. It's wonderful to see new places and visit family, but so good to be back home.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Holly Hobbie

Here she is--Holly Hobbie! I love Holly Hobbie!  She is very difficult to find these days, especially in cross stitch designs. I found this 1972 book on the Amazon Marketplace. I cannot wait to get started. I wonder if any of you remember that Sears had two different color schemes of quilt patterns for girls' bedrooms in the 70's? One was comprised of predominantly pink and green patches; the other, blues and browns. Once in a while, I run up on  a picture of one of these. I can't help but think that Sears marketed these in light of the Holly Hobbie designs of the day. Oh well . . .

Here it is! After I posted, I did a quick search. Aren't they lovely?

I am looking forward to starting on this pattern. I have to finish the dancing girls' sampler first. I am about 60% done. There are many things in my sewing basket to keep me busy this summer!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh My Goodness!

For DS1's birthday, we went to the new Star Trek movie--the second in the "reboot" series. I was really unhappy with some of the liberties the director and writers took with the original show's canon in the first movie--not that my opinion mattered. This time, I went in with some skepticism, expecting the same. Well, what a surprise. The movie was fantastic, and as my sons said, it was much like an apology to all of us offended by the first one! There were so many times throughout the movie that I wanted to jump up and holler. At the end, I clapped. What a great movie. I am so grateful for our children who have become Trekkies right along side their mother. They knew all of the inside references and details which were paying kind homage to those of us who have lived in the 23rd century since September of 1966!  DS 1 is going back on Friday, and  I hope to talk DH into going so that he can see it this time around!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tennessee Ernie Ford

This is the time in the semester when everyone is stressed: DH, me and the kids. All of the year's activities seem to culminate in about a two-week period of events, exams and performances. None of this is bad, just hectic. Last night, I was working on everything for school today, and the laundry and the dogs, and dishes--yikes. "Calgon, take me away!" Well, DH saved the day by cleaning up the kitchen for me, remaining calm and putting on one of our Tennessee Ernie Ford records! As his deep voice resonated throughout the house, I felt a sense of calm and joy--really, really, really. Why? Not because of Ernie himself--it was his songs! (having said that, I  think Ernie would be pleased to have brought the Lord back into my mind through this beautiful record!)

I think we all need reminders of His presence in our lives, not because He steps away or neglects us--just the opposite. We get too busy to pray, to sing His praises and to remember the joy of our salvation. The half-brother of Jesus, James, reminds us in God's Holy Word, draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Getting There!

Well, I am getting there with this thing! If I make six more squares, I will have another complete row, and I think I shall do so. I placed the squares more or less how I wanted them, and then sewed 1 row and 1/2 of another. I will do a couple of double crochet borders when everything is sewn together, and then DD will help me to make a scalloped border with which to finish it off. I would like to make a couple of pillows with the left over yarn.  Do you have a favorite square?  When you see the whole thing in person,yellow stands out as a dominate color, but this photo doesn't quite capture that.

Last night after a great supper at Moe's ("WELCOME TO MOOOOOOEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!")
with all the family, we kinda' went our separate ways. DS1 went to his weekly UNO festival with like-minded scholars; DS2 watched some of his favorite movies (he is feeling a little poorly with a bad head cold); DH curled up with Mamie and read; DD and I went back to school where I was able to spread all of these squares out on a long table. She worked on her new cross stitch project, and we watched Murder, She Wrote while we were working. A pretty good night for everyone.

Hope your weekend and the new week ahead are wonderful!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lost In Space!

Do you remember this great television show? I grew up watching it like I did Star Trek and Gilligan's Island--every day after school.  No matter how many times I watched the episodes, they never grew old. When the DVD's came out a few years ago, they were a "pretty penny." We carefully shopped for each installment so that our kids could see what TV could be like. We have been watching them again lately, and I was struck by something that I took for granted as a child:  the Robinson children, especially Will, were respectful and responsible. The family members loved each other and they all worked together. They weren't perfect, and there was always Dr. Smith to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into any situation, but they were such a wonderful escape for the rest of us.
Families today, even on family-friendly networks, have smart-mouthed children, and usually the parents, especially the father, are made to look ridiculous. Yes, that reflects today's culture, but it doesn't have to be.  I am grateful for our children who are respectful and kind. These values need not be permanently lost, but I am not sure how to retrieve them. So much of it goes back to the fact that families don't worship the Lord together. His Name has been stricken from the schools, the organizations and now so much of the military. The author of Righteousness is a stranger in many homes. There needs to be a revival among Believers that spills over into the hearts of the lost.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday Night

This was a great Saturday at our house, and an even better Saturday night. We managed to get some house and yard work done. The living room looked great and I made a small dent in the laundry. Dad and the boys mowed the lawn, and DD and I bought groceries. Lots of things were checked off the list. For supper, we had the family Saturday night favorite: hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade macaroni and cheese and homemade baked beans. I love the beans and macaroni together. Dad grilled the burgers and hotdogs on the grill; he always loves doing that. We then settled in and watched a great episode of Wagon Train. We had been watching Rawhide but thought we'd do something a little different this time. These great westerns are surely not realistic, but isn't that why we watch them?

Afterwards, Dad loaded us up (including the big white dog we now have) and took us to Wendy's for a Frostie. Wendy's gives discounts to students, staff and faculty of our little college, so that was a nice and inexpensive dessert for all of us. I think the dog would have liked one, too.

DH and I have been discouraged by the changes in our culture. Yesterday he said to me that he didn't like this world anymore and didn't feel as if he belonged. I agree 100%. But that is how we are supposed to feel. We are told to live in the world by not to be conformed to it. When we grow comfortable with a fallen world's values, we have forgotten what is right and wrong in the eyes of God.  I would much rather have a place in His Kingdom than in man's world any day!

God bless and keep you all as you serve Him and each other this week.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

For My Friend, Barbie

Hey, Barbie. Had to post this to welcome you to the blog. Hope you are having a great week.
Lots of love! J

Monday, March 25, 2013

Still Here!

I am still here, friends. We have just been so busy, and there seems to be no way to slow down the train!  We have another week off this week, but it is already parceled out in commitments and crises. That is really not a complaint. I can't imagine this week's obligations were we still all in school. I have missed posting on the blog and commenting on others. If I have neglected you--sorry. I am really no busier than anyone else, just not very good at time management. I have not spent the time with the Lord that I should either. I can see the attitude changes that come with that kind of neglect!

Today, I want to "Bless my home" as FlyLady suggests on Monday, cook a really nice sit-down supper for the family and spend some good time with the kids--even if it is really mostly school work. We are together most of the time, but I always worry that I don't spend time doing things with them that I should. 

I would like to say a special good morning to my friends BRM, Miss Janice and Miss Sheila. You each inspire me to be a better person.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our Trip To the Palmetto State

We we able to get out of town for the day, and we all decided to visit South Carolina.
We all were able to go to our favorite places--we will post more soon--here is Gertie on her way into Hobby Lobby!
I had to get some yarn to keep going on the afghan.  Gertie likes this soft yellow color. I do too.

Next Stop:  cross stitching and embroidery thread!  Gertie likes the J & P Coats best, but she also loves the DMC colors Hobby Lobby carries.  She had a great time looking at all the fabrics and sewing notions.  I bought a new crochet hook using my 40% coupon!