Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I finished this lovely little project some time ago, and did not have the money at the time to have it framed the way I wanted to.  Guess what? I cannot find it at all. I have looked in all of my sewing baskets and bags. It is nowhere. In our family, we are always looking for something.  We need to declutter. My Dad lived by the old addage, "a place for everything and everything in its place."  He was almost fanatical about these things. I wish I had that gene.  Over the Christmas break, maybe I can find it!


  1. I try to declutter. My rule is a years rotation..not used, worn in a year then it is gone. Except for books and bowls. Two weaknesses!

    However, I have a messy purse, closet and car.

    My dad was super organized his shed and tools always in top notch shape. Mom too.

    Kids and I lived in tight space so there was no room for clutter over the years. I do have this huge trunk of photo albums I need to sort through but that project seems
    Too daunting.

  2. Clutter is my middle name. I told hubby we would feel so much better if we could just get rid of some stuff--not books, we are nuts about those, too. But just "stuff."