Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Old Friends

What in the wold is Mary Kay thinking? I have loved Mary Kay for years, and even sold it a very short time. They used to have the loveliest line of fragrances, but they're all gone now. I understand marketing for a younger crowd, but why toss out the rest of us?  On a positive note, I do have these dear old friends as you can see from my picture.  I also remember the wonderful Avon fragrances of the 60's and 70's:  Sonnet, Moonwind, Bird of Paradise, Field Flowers, Cotillion and Topaz, to name a few. I always thought that the Topaz was so neat because the jar with the scented cream had a little Topaz-colored jewel in the lid! They have kept the perennial favorite, Sweet Honesty..  I have some!  Fragrant Memories!


  1. One of my favorite memories are the visits to my Aunt Evie's house. Her dresser had a mirror tray with pretty bottles and jars. I loved all those jars and bottles. Surely they were treasure. To the left would be her jewelry box- she would allow me to spritz perfume, put on a little lip stick and where her pearls. My Uncle Estle would then escort me through the house and pull out my chair.

  2. WOW! I love those kind of memories. Isn't it something the way certain things like that stay with us? I know you must have felt very grown up! I have heard that the sense of smell is the one that evokes the most memory. I bet if you smelled any of her fragrances, you would be instantly transported back in time.