Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crayola Memories

Do you all remember this packaging of Crayola Crayons?  I thought this plastic box was the coolest thing ever, but my favorite size of crayons was the box of 48.  The 64 with the sharpener was almost too good to imagine. My teens are good enough to still color with me. When we have had a tough week, I declare, "time for a coloring party." We put on Adventures in Odyssey or something like that and color our fatigue and stress away! There's just something about the smell of the crayons and all the pretty colors--I have often thought that I like cross-stiching just because it is another form of coloring!


  1. Sweet!

    I have a devotional book that recommends coloring as a stress reliever. And I color with mom.

    You are a good mom.

  2. It's the other way around! The kids are good to me. Glad you can do this with your mom, too. I think it is good therapy for all of us.