Sunday, December 2, 2012

Waiting for Muffins . . .

Do you all remember this wonderful show? As I wait for our Sunday morning muffins to finish baking, thought I would share some thoughts about this great show.  Emergency!  was the show in the mid 70's when I was in school.  It came on Saturday nights at 8:00, and all of the kids would talk about it on Monday mornings.  My parents chose to watch All in the Family and the CBS line up of comedies.  Even on rerun nights, they didn't want to watch Emergency!  I really felt that I was missing something! Haha! One year, they enrolled me in a creative writing class outside of school time; one of the students from another school wrote every assignment about "Johnny"--Randolph Mantooth. I wonder if she ever got over that fascination with him?!

Anyway, our kids love it. We watch it whenever we can, and in fact have purchased over the last few years, the DVD seasons.  They are much less expensive now than they were when they first hit the market. Last night, Dad fixed our favorite Saturday night supper, hamburgers, fries and hot dogs --and apple pie, courtesy of Sarah Lee.  I ended up walking the dogs at the end of the episode, and missed the last crisis.  I asked DS1 this morning about the "end of the show explosion." We both laughed! The show always seems to have a terrific explosion and/or fire at the end of each show. Sure enough, there was one this time, too!

Well, time to check the muffins and get the clothes ready for everyone. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

I was thinking how funny it would be to look for one for my older teens for Christmas! Shoot! I'll look for one for me!

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