Monday, December 10, 2012

My Baby Girl, A Great Day and 007

My Baby Girl turned 14 yesterday. I always tell her the day she was born was the best day of my life--but there were three better days-the days that each of the children asked Jesus into their hearts. I am grateful for our children and their tender, loving hearts.

DD had a great birthday weekend. Saturday, she wanted to go to Golden Corral so everyone could "graze" before doing a little shopping with her birthday money. She made wise choices and made the money count. We were going to go into the American Girl Store, but they were so full, there was a line to get in at all!

Of course, we went to Hobby Lobby.  If we can find the camera, I will post some pictures soon of our purchases. They always have something on a really good sale. We loved being in there. We bought her a new outfit for Church. The world has declared war on our girls, and finding modest clothes at modest prices is not easy. We found a BEAUTIFUL two piece skirt and top.  She loved it saying she thought it made her look like Nancy Drew (a high compliment from either of us).

The boys were able to go to their favorite place in the world, The Apple Store. We can't afford anything in there, but they love the feeling of the store. They are such good sports about everything. DS2 is great at voice impressions--the latest is Sean Connery, and he is really good at that one. I never know when Mr. Connery is going to pop up in the conversation. He is so funny.

Yesterday at Church, DH and DD sang the beautiful song, "Mary, Did You Know?'  DD has been playing it on the piano about 22 out of every 24 hours. It was beautiful.  We had our Church Christmas dinner after the service, and it was wonderful. I always think those moments offer glimpses of eternity with Christ.

We did not have services last night so we were able to come home and eat a leisurely supper and watch tv. We watched Star Trek IV:  the Voyage Home.  I loved hearing everyone laugh out loud.  We're ready for Monday . . . I hope.

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  1. Happy 14th to your baby girl.

    Teen girls. They are fun!