Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Memories

To Boldly Go . . .
Star Trek has always meant the world to me. Our kids have grown up with ST:  TOS the way I did. I actually remember watching it first run with Daddy on  WESH, Channel 2 out of Orlando. At one point, Mom and Daddy bought a color TV in large part to be able to watch the reruns in color!  Last night, everyone had worked their way to bed after supper (we took a quick trip up to Tennessee to be with the family and are we tired!). DD asked me to watch an episode with her while we crocheted. How could I turn down that offer? We had a great time watching it together. She loves the old show, and like mom, likes to crochet or knit while watching TV (redeeming the time a bit, I guess). Anyway, all of this brought back such memories.

My parents went through a very difficult time around 1971.  My Dad's struggle with epilepsy had reached a crisis stage. He spent several months at the VA Hospital so that they could regulate his medication and try to bring the seizures under control.  Mom and I lived in a small but very wonderful little house. Star Trek came on an independent channel, Channel 44, every weeknight at 7:00. Many nights, my granny (Daddy's mom) would come over, and we would all watch Star Trek and have popcorn. I think that routine helped all of us in Daddy's absence.

Many years later, when I went to College (around the time of the emergence of VHS players and tapes), Daddy taped every Star Trek episode for me (he was afraid I would spend what little money I had on the Columbia House tapes--he was right!) He lovingly labeled the tapes and included Captain Kirk's "star dates" when he could! Isn't that hilarious?! I still have those tape he made for me, and treasure them more than you can know. (They were taped off of Channel 44 in the 80's). I love watching the old commercials from that era.

Jumping ahead to 1991, my dad passed away the same year as Gene Roddenberry--within just days of one another. I think Daddy would be so pleased to know that his grandchildren love Star Trek the way he did. And now, he has a "close up" view of the heavens and the earth as he sits in the presence of He who created them all.

I miss Moma and Daddy, but am grateful for the memories they left me with.

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