Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rosy Memories

How many of you remember this lovely product? It is still around today, but hard to come by, and the milk bottle look is gone. I always lovingly associate this product with Norma Zimmer and the Lawrence Welk Show. I miss that type of programming so much. The beautiful dresses, the music, and the personalities we grew to know and love.
Was there a voice lovelier than Norma's? If you get a chance to read her autobiography or any of Mr. Welk's, they are worth your time. They are inspirational, positive and Christ-honoring, particularly Norma Zimmer's.

Our culture would be so much better off today with an hour of this type of programming. This is my favorite kind of "reality" tv.
"Good night,
sleep tight
and pleasant dreams to you . . ."


  1. I remember.

    As much as I enjoy modern echnology and other conveniences...I miss the "old". Letter writing, Christmas cards with glitter, the Avon lady coming by, and at family gatherings the women in the kitchen talking, cooking, passing the newest baby around. The men watching TV or looking at cars, the teenagers playing ball. We have allowed life to consume us we exist instead if living life.

  2. Well said! You are so right. So, let's take back our lives. We can't bring back yesterday, but we can keep the spirit of a different way of life alive and try to snatch back some of these happy times together. We can! And I know it really is more than watching classic tv. It is taking time out for one another. I think your Saturday party was a grand event and a marvelous way of keeping what is important alive.