Monday, December 17, 2012

Make New Friends . . . .

Above and below you can see my new project. I stumbled on this Yarn Bee Hobby Lobby yarn a couple of weeks ago. It is too soft and lovely to describe. I started a granny square afghan for our home. I love the colors. Immediately below, you can see my friend, Gertie. I bought her at the Creation Museum, and DS2 named her for the character in the first animation short. She likes yarn crafts and just being with the family. 

But Keep the Old Ones . . .

Never fear, I am still working on the granny square afghan. I think I can finish the 33 squares left to go pretty shortly if I don't get distracted with the project above. There really is a different feel between the two types of yarn. Thank goodness, both are washable and can be thrown in the dryer!


  1. Good for you! No rush on either project. You'll always have something to do.

  2. Yes--but I have to watch myself. I am terrible about not finishing projects!