Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bowling Alley Fun

Well, here I go again. I was typing away, and my post disappeared. I wonder what I was typing that I wasn't supposed to be typing. Hmmm .... Anyway, here is the post  . . . . one more time. This semester, we have had a great time at the Bowling Alley! I always wanted to learn to bowl when I was a little girl, and I think this is the closest I will get to it.  DD and DS 2  participate in a homeschool group in a neighboring county, and once a week they get together for art lessons and drama.  The art lessons for their group are really centered around different media and art history. The history part is right up our alley.  They are also working on a production of Narnia, and DD is a character!  She is the bear in the Narnia forest. She was ok with the part, although she really wanted to be Susan, but now that she is practicing with the bear costume, she feels pretty silly.  She has not missed a single practice, and she learned her part very quickly (admittedly, not a lot of dialogue)--proving herself to be dependable. I keep telling her that being reliable as well as having a "good sport" attitude are major contributions to "the Company."  I need to remind myself of these truths in my circumstances.

During this three hour block of time, I sit in the bowling alley and work on school work. SInce DS2 is not part of the production (his choice), we get a couple of hours together to work on Latin or history.  The bowling alley is not quiet for sure, but amazingly, it has proven a great place to sit and do school work.  There is a little restaurant attached--it is safe, clean and very pleasant. The workers know us now, and are always so nice. We both get a HUGE Coke or Diet Coke while waiting for our little thespian to finish up.

I am grateful to have Tuesdays and Thursdays at home, and to be able to have the kids with me at the College on the days I do teach. I hope one day they will be able to look back fondly on these days--telling their children about hanging out with Granny at the bowling alley!


  1. They will share these sweet memories with their children.

    And just think how you are witnessing to others as you teach, learn, and sip on Diet Coke.

    I too always wanted to learn to bowl....but my mother never allowed me to go! Could never figure that one out.

  2. I think that with her generation, a bowling alley may have been seen, like a pool hall, as a place of rough people. Do you think that might have been it?