Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beautiful Christmas Music

For many years, we have listened to the Bible Broadcasting Network--in fact, since 1986! Wow! For over half of my 50 years, BBN has been a good friend to me and my family.  When we lived in the mid-west, I couldn't get BBN , and even where we live in the SE now, we are in one of the few places where there is not a traditional station within range of our radio. HOWEVER, for several years now, we have been able to listen on the internet.

Every December 1st, the network begins its lovely Christian Christmas music; they continue their programming, but during the interludes of music, the music is some of the prettiest you will hear all season.
BBN has meant the world to me over the years.  I know for a fact that it brought me closer to the Lord during my years in graduate school. I was saved, but at best, a lukewarm Christian.  The programming on at that time, Chuck Swindoll, Back to the Bible with Dr. Warren Weirsbe, Thru the Bible with Dr. J Vernon McGee, and John MacArthur's Grace to You program. In those days, I had a Sony Walkman (remember those?), and it would be tuned to 90.5  WYFB. My day was more or less defined by what I could listen to. At lunch time, I would take my crackers and peanut butter and Chek cola (from Winn Dixie) and sit and listen to "Christian Classics." This was a program (which is still on) where a Christian book is read in 15-minute installments from beginning to end. The reader, Lynn Brooks, is so good at what she does.

All of this is a pretty nerdy look back, but it is also an encouragement for you to try BBN this Christmas. All of us need encouragement during this busy season.


  1. Nerdy? Nope!

    Any tool that God is in the center of, and is used as a tool to reach others, to teach,and to comfort is awesome.

  2. Thank you! I do love their music and programming. They really do provide a "haven of rest."