Sunday, September 30, 2012

Classic TV Sunday

I don't know about you all, but I think that The Dick Van Dyke show was one of the funniest programs ever!  I grew up watching the reruns, and I am pleased to say that our kids love the show just as much.  With the exception of the relationship between Buddy and Mel, the humor is not at someone else's expense.  It is as clean as can be, and it sooooo funny!

I have a nice memory associated with the program as well. When I was little, my shoes had to be ordered because of the shape of my feet--we always went into Mr. Pate's shoe store and ordered Buster Brown shoes.  The nice lady that kept his books had a little open office area, and her tv was always on.  Seems like I remember reruns of the DVD show being on when we went on weekday mornings. Moma must have shopped at the same time of day every time she went there!

Who is your favorite character on the program? Do you remember the Helpers, Jerry and Millie?  Who can beat Richard Deacon's character, Mel Cooley?  I laugh out loud every time he delivers a line. Do you like the episodes set at home or the office better? How about the always-hilarious flashback episodes?

We as a family are so grateful to have access to these programs of the past!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Great Time!

Our family is blessed with a new friend, Mrs. Jennifer. She and her husband work at the College.  She is a marvelous wife, mom and homemaker.  She can make, sew, knit and bake anything!  Thursday, she came to the house to teach DD some basics about quilting.  DD has now started on a wonderful project where she is doing some crewel stitching on what will be a quilted wall hanging.  Not only that, but she took out her cross stitch projects buried in the back of her closet! I am so happy with all of this!

As I type this, the house is a strange mix of noisy and quiet. The boys are in the bathroom getting ready for bed, laughing about any and everything. Dad fell asleep on the couch watching a movie, and he is softly snoring. On the floor under the window sill sleeps our dachshund, Mamie. She really does snore like my Granny did! There's a cricket outside the window that is singing to us.  I wish each of you a good night and a lovely weekend.

The Lord is so good. He does give us an abundant life.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just For Fun

Isn't this beautiful? I miss these days, don't you?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moon River

I have loved Andy Williams for many years. Growing up with his television show added so much to my life.  Moma and Daddy always had his albums, including this one pictured above.  When we lived in Missouri, I was able to see him at his Moon River Theater.  He was as talented and personable on stage as he was on television.

I lament the passing of Andy, but also the passing of his era of music and television. There are no musical programs on anymore suitable for the family to watch together.  There used to be so many! The Andy Williams Show, the Ed Sullivan Show, Lawrence Welk--even Carol Burnett's great comedy show featured marvelous musical guests. Our children have grown up with this type of music, and they don't seem to mind.
Andy would be pleased . . . .

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Blessed Time of the Year

Do you love fall? Isn't it a beautiful time of year? It seems to be the most fleeting of seasons, and it is so busy with school and the opening of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. But I love the colors, the cooler temperatures and the bustle of school.

Isn't God good to give us such a beautiful time of year?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Treasure Chest Indeed!

I have discovered the joys of ordering items used from Amazon. For many years, I have loved the Reader's Digest and Time Life Collections of music. They used to be on records, and Moma and Daddy loved things like that.  The music has been on CD's for a while now, but I guess CD's are getting to be old news like records. That is wonderful for me because now I can get these grand sets which used to sell for $40 for so much less. I just received this one in the mail for $1.65 + $3.99 for shipping. It is beautiful!  I would never have guessed the prices would ever be this low or that I would have access to them.

My parents loved beautiful music, and for many years, the radio was always on or records were playing. As I have written in previous posts, many nights I would go to sleep with their records stacked on the record player for me to listen to. Daddy was a "stereophile."  Remember that term? He loved not only listening to music but also the latest technology available. I am sure he was the first on our block to have a Compact Disc player!

Do people sit today and listen to music? Can they? We are so involved in life and computers and social networks that we have lost the simple pleasures of reading and music listening.  I challenge you (and me) today to take time to listen to some beautiful music--turn off the tv, the computer, the cell phones, i pads, i pods, and just enjoy the gift of music.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red Heart Yarn and Nice Memories

These are not my photos--just  a couple of stock photos I found as I was looking online for a particular color of Red Heart yarn.  When I was in 4-H, our leader took us downtown to a yarn shop (many years ago--the shop has been gone a long time); there we were able to purchase a skein of yarn and a hook and start on our way to learning to crochet.  Despite the best intentions of our leader, I really couldn't move beyond the chain stitch. Then, in college, a roommate showed me how to make a granny square. To be honest, I don't know much beyond that to this day, but I sure do love making them and choosing all of the colors. I know my first yarn was Red Heart. It was a variegated blue, green and white. I couldn't find any pictures of it--this was about 1975 or 76, so my colors probably went out with the Bicentennial Minute.

The dear lady who served as our 4-H leader is one of the namesakes of our DD.  She was such a positive influence on my life (and remains so today). I am grateful for that sweet memory  she provided and for the sweet memories her namesake is building today.

A Note about yarn: I have been using a store brand from Hobby Lobby for some time and love it; however, it is made in a country that is currently hostile to us.  There is something to be said for moving to a domestic product--the next yarn I purchase will be from Red Heart (probably at Hobby Lobby). More thoughts on color coming soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Different Approach

Just look at this approach to granny squares. I love how this crafter used the variegated yarn colors and the brown as the border color. I have used some variegated yarn in my squares, and they just don't have the chance sitting in one row to show off their beauty. I will use this pattern to use these colors to their fullest potential. Last night as DH was reading in bed, I said, "I'd like to talk with you about something." After I said it, I think he thought I was going to say something profound (I don't usually have anything profound to say, though, especially at 10:00 at night).  He almost seem relieved when I told him I wanted to tell him about this granny square pattern. He listened very attentively and sweetly as he always does.  He really is a Dear, Dear DH!

Stand Up for What is Right

Will be shopping here more than ever. 

It's Back! Fall is Really Here!

Oh my goodness--I just saw that Cracker Barrel has brought back the Pumpkin Custard and Ginger Snap dessert. My favorite season, my favorite restaurant and my favorite dessert!  Whoo Hoo!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love It!

I am having so much fun with my granny square afghan.  On the way to Church, I completed one new square and almost finished a second.  This morning, I spent a few minutes searching for granny square images to see other ideas--I found this vintage picture and just had to share. Tuesday night before bed time, Virginia and worked on our projects while watching Murder, She Wrote.  I think when we're all in heaven with the Lord, I will thank Him for these sweet times.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Treasure

This is a lovely book I found at an "Antique" store for $5.00. It was produced by Avon in 1983.  I can't tell you with words how beautiful the book is. It is dated, but just so happens to match the dates we have now--for instance, in 1983, Labor Day was September 3 just like today. I am using it to note  which  craft projects I am working on and the Bible studies I am doing.  I will leave enough room to use it over time (even though the calendar will be a bit off).

All Aboard! For DS2

While both of the boys have always loved trains, DS2 has been the most dedicated follower of Rev. W. Awdry's Thomas the Tank Engine.  Many years ago, when DS2 was sick with a terrible chest cold, the only way I could get him to stop crying and coughing was to hold him outside in the cool air and name all of the engines from the Thomas stories.  Soon, he was calm enough to drift off to sleep. Even as an older teen, he still loves Thomas and all of the original stories Reverend Awdry wrote for his son.

My mom, many years back, "bankrolled" a trip for us to go see Thomas at an event in Dillsboro, NC. The children rode a real engine that looked exactly like Thomas!  They even saw Sir Topham Hat!

I think Thomas will always be part of our family, and I  am sure that when DS2 has his own family, Thomas will grow up with them as well!