Thursday, January 30, 2014

Autumn Leaves - Roger Williams (Video Version)

I think Roger Williams is performing with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra in this clip. Hope you enjoy listening to this again as much as I have. 

Everything Old is New Again

No, this is not our stereo, but yes we have a record player (actually 2) in our home!  We still love to listen to records and enjoy  finding them in thrift shops. We have even bought (using our 40% off coupons) frames at Hobby Lobby to display the album covers. I love records, having grown up with them in our home.  Now here's the funny part:  my tech-savvy middle child has asked for his own record player! I just love it. I think my Dad, a true stereophile, would love the fact that his grandchildren love music the way he did. Each of them like so many different kinds of things. DS1 listens to national anthems of other countries as well as American patriotic music. DS 2 likes popular music from the 60's; DD likes everything, particularly Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals!  
Do we take time to sit and listen to music anymore?  We can carry it with us in our ipods, ipads and smart phones--music really is more portable than ever. But, do we take the time to listen, to sit down together and listen to music?  Do we sit around the piano and sing songs?
As I have posted before, I am grateful to my parents and their eclectic musical tastes--because of them, I grew up hearing Peter, Paul and Mary, John Denver, Trini Lopez, Andy Williams, the New Christy Minstrels, and the great masters, Beethoven, Debussy and Bach. Momma and Daddy loved the pianist duo, Ferrante and Teicher, and the marvelous Roger Williams. 

Time Changer Official Trailer

Please take a moment to watch this trailer. I mentioned this movie some time ago on an earlier post. We all enjoyed a snow day yesterday. Last night after supper, I asked that we all sit down and watch it again. More than ever, our young people are being taught values absent Christ's authority. Those teachings are just so much "sinking sand." 
This movie is on youtube in its entirety, and you can also purchase it for a modest price on Amazon. It is worth the investment of time and resources.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beautiful Classics

These cloth-bound classics represent a lovely trend in book covers today; what is more important, however, is that which is on the inside of the covers. I have to admit that my head is too often turned by a book cover--that's how I discovered the MARVELOUS Mitford Series. 
Today, too many of our young people are being lured into reading lurid and completely inappropriate novels.  I was saddened to see at our favorite used book store in G'ville that the History and Biography sections had been eliminated and replaced by an "Erotica" section. How very sad. The major booksellers such as Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million have shelves full of outrageously obscene books aimed right at the teen-age and young adult buyer. 
What can we do about this trend? 
Pray, teach, actively and openly reject the values of the "Prince of the Air."
I know I am a broken record on this issue (and have certainly dated myself with that metaphor), but there really is something to the idea that what you put into your mind comes out in your life.

A Beautiful Day

The picture above is from our back deck. 
Here in NE Georgia, snow days aren't as rare as they are in south Georgia, but they are unusual enough to be really appreciated. We had heard initially that our little corner of the State would not get much, but then the system moved a little north and the result was this lovely landscape you see above. The public schools in our area wisely closed all day yesterday; some of the schools CLOSER to the front actually did not, and the result was pretty frustrating. Many kids closer to Atlanta had to spend the night in their schools.
The College closed today, and I am happy to be home. I'd say we'll all be working on school work in one form or the other, but that is just fine. I have plenty of Diet-Mountain  Dew and bread and a huge container of pimento cheese! We are set.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Joni's Song

For years, our family has cherished the words, songs and paintings of Joni Eareckson Tada. This morning, DH played for me a song she sings  for a movie that hasn't received much publicity-- Alone Yet Not Alone. The title song has been nominated for an Oscar. The video in which she sings  includes clips from the movie, but more importantly, begins with her praying for strength to sing the song. Joni, her prayer, and her voice have never been so beautiful.

The secular world is not only shocked by the nomination, but also outraged, claiming that "backroom deals" have led to this nomination. Moreover, we are to dismiss the song because it has been "endorsed" by James Dobson. I don't know any other song which has been maligned for simply being nominated. The world can protest all it wants to, but the Lord  and His Message will not be silenced. 

Please take a second to search on the internet for this song and give it a listen. I'm sure you'll love hearing her sing and her profound testimony.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Grace Coolidge

I don't know that there has been a more charming and versatile First Lady (with perhaps the notable exception of Dolley Madison) than the lovely Grace Coolidge. I think she is also one of the most successful, but how should we define "success"?  That's the question I will try to answer with my students in the First Ladies of the United States course this semester. I am so excited about getting to teach this course again and hope my students enjoy it as much as I do. 
Who is your favorite First Lady?

Time for Some Ginger . . .

This is a favorite picture of my favorite little Gingersnaps.  I pull it up every time I get in the mood for gingerbread or gingersnaps.  I would love to have some with some hot tea, Lady Grey decaff, I think.
It is cold enough outside to make this particularly appealing. I'll have to get out Mr. and Mrs. Ginger as well.  DS 2 wants to play his new Dr. Who Monopoly tonight. Maybe afterward, I can watch a little TV and cross stitch with my tea and ginger--whichever. Hope you're all staying warm tonight.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I just read a post written by Diane; she is one of  our daughter's teachers at the Homeschool co-op.  She is  a homeschooling mom very dedicated to nurturing her daughter's strengths and interests as she goes through the learning process. Diane's post put into words some thoughts I have had but was unable to express the way I wanted.  Our children's education is to prepare them for life, and to help them find their unique gifts. Most importantly, our time at home should draw us closer together and closer to the Lord. We are not competing for awards or accolades from the world.

When we first began homeschooling about 9 years ago, my husband and I worried about getting them prepared for College. As we went along, I became more and more aware of why we had taken them out of the public schools, and I came to the conclusion that if the kids came away knowing how to write their names, I would be pleased! No doubt, that sounds extreme to many on both sides of the issue. Certainly, I want them to love learning, to love reading and to possess life skills.  But those things fall into place--I have seen it with our kids, and I know Diane has as well. Homeschooling has protected their tender hearts and nurtured their individuality and personal strengths.

I disagree with the adage promoted a few years back, "It takes a village to raise a child." No, it takes a family.  Our children have been blessed by others, notably at Church, at the College where we teach and at the Homeschool Co-op, but the onus of the raising comes back to my husband and me.

Thanks to Diane for saying this so much better; check out her blog post at

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Okay . . . Finished . . . Kinda . . .

Here it is--I just had to go ahead and finish this one without the other colors. DH seemed favorably disposed to acquiring the new colors, but I wanted so much to FINISH something!  I also have some ideas about another similarly themed afghan with some minor changes in color placement. The flash in the camera keeps the real lustre and nature of the colors from showing accurately. I flipped it over on the rocking chair so that you could see the top and bottom. 

We had a great time watching westerns tonight--yes it was hamburger and hot dog night. The Pastor had a turkey burger and seemed to like it. Had some success in housework today, and am actually getting caught up on the boys' laundry. They cannot change clothes for the next week--I want the hamper to remain free from any clothing! Haha
Hope you have a great day worshiping the Lord Jesus tomorrow. 


Well, guess what?  I am on the verge of finishing the afghan for my son using the Lion Brand Heartland National Park colors. BUT, they have just released 5 new colors!!! No, they are not the ones in this stock photo, but I will have to sweet talk the Pastor into letting me order these new colors if I want to stick to my plan of having all the Parks the company has represented. I really want to FINISH something, being the world's worst about starting projects and not finishing them. JoAnn's has 25% off all their yarns, but they do not have the new colors yet. In fact, I think they are trying to clear out what they have for the year's new colors. Herschnerr's has them at a good sale price, but they take a good while to ship. We live in an instant world, don't we? DH and I were talking the other day about how everything used to take "4-6 weeks" for shipping! Now we fret if it takes a week! Oh my . . .

On a Brighter note, I have to tell you that my craft lamp Christmas present has changed my life. I can move it around to my desk for grading papers and reading. It can easily be placed by the bed for night time reading, and it also makes husbands reading small print Bibles very happy!  Haha! As I write this, the Pastor is sitting in the green chair reading with the aid of the WONDERFUL lamp!

We all know, however, What is the TRUE Light Unto his Path . . . .

Hope you are all safe and warm this stormy Saturday!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hard to Beat . . .

I grew up in a home with all kinds of music, and I am grateful for that blessing. Moma always liked Hee Haw, and it was on every Saturday night unless she and Daddy decided to watch Lawrence Welk. As I grew older, I rediscovered these great sources of music. I love the Hee Haw Gospel quartet:  Buck Owens, Kenny Price, Roy Clark and Grandpa Jones.  I credit this CD with helping to shape our daughter's love for Gospel music and hymns.  We listened to it a lot when she was little, and I think that style of music has stayed near to her heart.

The Lawrence Welk CD is just about as wonderful. The arrangements of the hymns are so beautiful. I was trying to describe the beautiful voice (and personality) of Norma Zimmer to our daughter yesterday. Her life was a lovely testimony of her faith in Jesus Christ. 
If you are looking for two sides of sacred music, here they are, and both are blessings. 

And here is another thought for this post:  some of the programs on television today reflect an appreciation for good singing and music; however, they are so different in their spirit and character. 
I wish we still had what used to be called "variety" shows. The Lawrence Welk show often had a weekly theme--great songs of Broadway, Love songs, Hawaiian melodies, etc. Seeing the beautiful costumes and sets added so much to the music. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014


I can honestly say I have never enjoyed working on an afghan the way I have this one. It is a bit over half-way complete now.  The camera and lighting don't do justice to the colors of the yarn.  Last night, I was able to get quite a bit done after supper. We all sat and watched a John Wayne movie, Circus World, from 1963. It was great and the time together even better. We have some cold weather here and more coming. This is a great time of year to be working on an afghan. Thanks to DD for teaching me this pattern, and to Mrs. Sheila B for inspiring me with her beautiful ripple afghans.