Saturday, December 22, 2012

A 70's Christmas Retrospective

Oh my goodness! Who could forget the "Auto Cup"?  It was one of the more unsuccessful of my gifts for my mom. She always had a cup of coffee on her way into the office in the mornings, and I was sure that this would be the ticket!  The first day she used it was also the last day she used it; when she pushed the little lever to open the cup lid (very difficult to open, by the way) the coffee poured out all over her clothes. Today, someone would surely sue Mr. Popeil for having been scalded.

Moma had a much better spirit about the whole situation. The next year I wised up and gave her a crock pot (avocado green, of course).

P.S. DS1 howled with laughter at the boater speeding along with his Auto Cup. Wonder if he had his Popeil's Pocket Fisherman with him?


  1. Awe

    Sweet memory!

    Avocado green. Oh how I remember that color and burnt orange.

  2. They're on their way back, along with all of that harvest gold.