Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home is Where the Potato Chips Are

Here are some shots from our kitchen. I guess it is the room in the house where I spend the most time. I love this kitchen. It is very simple, but has everything we need.  This house is the first house I have lived in where I have  had a dishwasher. I am completely spoiled now. In my bookshelf, you can see my groovy recipe keeper in the gold box . I found this at an antique store for $5! It is marvelous.
To the far right, you can see the back half of our wonderful little dog, Rascal. He is Mr. Personality, and we have considered having him run for President.    The bottom picture was taken on one of those very rare occasions when my counters are clean. I have the picture to remind me that it CAN be


  1. The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. My kids and Steve's will talk and joke with me in the kitchen.

    Beautiful! And peaceful.

    I think your wise and peaceful spirit reflect in your home.

  2. On and I'm so spoiled by a dishwasher!

  3. I wish I were wise and even more so wish I were peaceful. I think the counter represents what I would like to have in my heart and the rest of my house. Both are cluttered.