Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Go Fish!

This is the crunch time for all students and professors--final exams!  This has been a particularly busy season because of DS1's full time college schedule. The house is a complete wreck; my office at the college  and our school room at home are disasters, and there has been little time and even less motivation to get everything tidied.  Last night, DD decided to clean out the game closet while I was grading. We all had full tummies (breakfast for supper!), and DH, more exhausted than any of us, went to sleep, and I can't imagine how he was able to sleep with the all of the commotion of cleaning out the closet right outside our bedroom. She did a great job cleaning and straightening. She was astonished at all the games we had accumulated over the years. She asked when I would be through grading for the night. I had planned on grading until I was too sleepy to continue, but she talked me into quitting at 9:30 so we could play a game. To my surprise she picked out first a "Little Golden Books" set of cards (based on their characters) to play "Go Fish." We had a great time asking for the cards: "give me all your Tawny Scrawny Lions." Haha!  I thought she had probably had enough, but she wanted to play Go Fish with some regular cards and we played until almost 11:00. I know that when the Lord calls me home and asks me about my life, I will tell Him how grateful I am for times like these. They are based on a wealth, an abundance that He provides.  The "abundant life" he longs to give us is in the everyday joys He opens our eyes to seeing. Today, the boys walked into my classroom to tell me they were going up to the Library; I can't tell you how happy just seeing them made me. I have lots of grading left to do, but maybe I can talk them into a game of "Go Fish" later on, too!


  1. Your home sounds so peaceful and loving.

    Your children are blessed to call you mom.

  2. BRM, it is loving but not always peaceful. I am blessed to be called their mom, and I know you feel the same way about your sweethearts!