Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What I Really Want for Christmas . . .

Is a CLEAN HOUSE!  And this is a gift I would happily give myself. I just want the time to get everything clean--even the windows and screens. With the busyness of the Season and the close of the school semester, there seems to be little time for any real housework. Today, I am working from home, and I do have the day to work on the boys' laundry. That will make us all feel better!

Aren't these pretty? I found these in the store the other day, and bought the pink one. I love the scent of the traditional green Palmolive and have used it for probably over 20 years. I think when my pink stuff runs out, I will just refill the beautiful little bottle with it. The lemon would match my kitchen best, so I may try one of those.
Isn't it nice that the marketers know that there are still some of us who appreciate something pretty?


  1. I like pretty.

    It's December. I'm sure it is written somewhere that you do not have to worry about windows and screens.

  2. You're right--the spider webs will probably provide a little more insulation against the cold and wind! Haha