Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Reading

This summer is going to be interesting. All of DH's classes are on line. I have an online and an "in person" class.  The children are all attending music camps here in the next couple of weeks. DD has a nice art group getting started today as well. I don't want the summer to get by us without doing some significant reading together. The boys and I are going to revisit Ivanhoe and maybe Captains Courageous. DD is enjoying Francine Rivers, but I want her to read Daniel Defoe's great story of brokenness and redemption, Robinson Crusoe. The boys and I have read this together in several forms over the  years, but I really love these Windermere readers. I even ordered a second copy from the Amazon market place (for a song, may I add). DD and I can work through it together. I have some activities to go along with it, and we might make a notebooking project out of it as well.

This is not only a great literary work, it is a story of a man broken by his own willfulness. He loses everything and finally becomes a man God can reach.  Robinson is the ultimate literary prodigal.


  1. I love how your family is constantly learning. I still remember reading Robinson Caruso when I was in grade school. I don't know if you knew it, but I homeschooled my kids. I wish I now had had the internet sources that are available today. It would have made a much richer experience. I am proud that my kids still research anything that interests them and that learning is a constant part of their lives. Have a blessed day! Twyla

  2. You are a wonderful example!

  3. Twyla and Becky, thanks for your kind thoughts. Twyla, I didn't know you homeschooled your children. The internet is a blessing and not a blessing. I think that not having it would make us depend more on the traditional sources. Becky, there are SOOOOOO many things I could and should have done better, but we just keep plugging along! Love to you both.