Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wheelock's, Mr. Spock and Me

This has been a nice Christmas break so far. We are headed up to visit my husband's family shortly, and then back home for a couple of weeks of vacation. This vacation will be spent at our home, catching up on laundry, dusting, cleaning floors and bathrooms--all the things which have been neglected for months.  I am really excited about this opportunity. I also plan to spread out the Latin books and work on the material for the Spring semester. Some of you know that this course is a longed -for labor of love (the Latin, not the laundry). Years ago, when I was petitioning the College Administration for permission to teach this, my dear friend and Head Librarian of the College asked me what she should get for the library if the courses were approved.  My response was, "party hats"!  Well, a few years and hats later, the course is moving along, and I feel more confident than I did those first couple of semesters. This year's group (which will continue with me in the Spring) was perhaps the nicest I have had. They do their work, come to class and never complain within earshot of the Instructor!  This dream all began  years ago in the top floor of the UF Science Library where I went to do my Latin homework every day. I took as many classes in Latin as I could as a History graduate student. The top floor of the Marston Science Library was always the quietest--it was where the international students in the Sciences at UF studied. I liked being up there because it was so peaceful. I listened to my cassettes of Star Trek TOS soundtrack music with my little Sony Walkman. I had a trusty pencil bag full of number 1 pencils, Eraser Mate pens and a SILENT silver pencil sharpener.  Today, I have a CD player, an electric pencil sharpener and a cold Mountain Dew to accompany my work. The Lord is so good to give us these things! I can't wait to pull out my Wheelock's Latin and get ready for the new term!


  1. not at all--just very blessed to have these opportunities.