Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ready or Not . . .

School begins at the College next week. This week, we have had a ton of meetings, but  I was able to get DD started on her homeschool subjects. She will be with me a lot at school, and is actually sitting in on an Hebrew course.  I am not sure how that will go. It is a very hard subject,but she is most excited. I have a friend from high school who had a degree in music then has recently completed a degree at Seminary in Hebrew. I know she has been blessed by learning this tool to study the Word of God. I think DD has the same thought. We'll see. 
Today is our 22nd Anniversary. We have spent the day getting ready for school here and at the house. Tomorrow will be a lovely day at Church--we are having a nice dinner after Church and then the "3rd Sunday Singing." These will be nice respites from all the hub-bub of the past couple of weeks.
I feel spiritually zapped--I have not had the discipline I need in my Bible study and quiet time. I hope to get myself  back on track.
Hope your week will go well and that you will each be drawn closer to the Lord!


  1. Happy Anniversary .

    Have an awesome school year!

  2. Thanks, Becky. We had a good day. Such a busy time of year.