Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lost In Space!

Do you remember this great television show? I grew up watching it like I did Star Trek and Gilligan's Island--every day after school.  No matter how many times I watched the episodes, they never grew old. When the DVD's came out a few years ago, they were a "pretty penny." We carefully shopped for each installment so that our kids could see what TV could be like. We have been watching them again lately, and I was struck by something that I took for granted as a child:  the Robinson children, especially Will, were respectful and responsible. The family members loved each other and they all worked together. They weren't perfect, and there was always Dr. Smith to throw the proverbial monkey wrench into any situation, but they were such a wonderful escape for the rest of us.
Families today, even on family-friendly networks, have smart-mouthed children, and usually the parents, especially the father, are made to look ridiculous. Yes, that reflects today's culture, but it doesn't have to be.  I am grateful for our children who are respectful and kind. These values need not be permanently lost, but I am not sure how to retrieve them. So much of it goes back to the fact that families don't worship the Lord together. His Name has been stricken from the schools, the organizations and now so much of the military. The author of Righteousness is a stranger in many homes. There needs to be a revival among Believers that spills over into the hearts of the lost.


  1. I so agree. In the almost year and a half I have cleaned up what I watch and listen to - I have become more sensitive to what is on TV. I had grown cynical. I remember an episode of Growing Pains when I was at teen - it was on "safe sex" - my dad turned off the TV and said there is no such thing when you are not married.

    Families are not valued. Even in my home we need to improve - we all have a dry wit and sharp tongue and I can look back on my day sometimes and see what we should have done, etc. I long for more times at the dinner table - but the way we all work and with mom - sometimes that is hard - and have to settle for watching the news together and eating - just to get mom to sit and eat.

    We enjoy old TV shows too...something to be said about them....

  2. I don't think any of us can be the Cleaver family, but you and I are both trying to keep our families together as much as possible. The enemy works against us, but we aren't going to give up! I agree with your Dad 100%!