Saturday, December 14, 2013

Visiting the National Parks with Lion Brand

I am working on an afghan for DS1, and I thought carefully for a long time about the colors I would use. He loves greens, golds and oranges. He loves flags, all things patriotic and anything to do with National Parks. He has a beloved World Book Encyclopedia set from the early 60's that is olive and blue--he loves that set so much, I had originally intended to make the afghan in those WB colors.  However, one day I was looking at yarn and noticed the Lion Brand Heartland line. Oh my goodness! Not only is it super soft and beautiful, it is a line of colors commemorating the National Parks. Well, there was no looking back. I bought most of my yarn at Jo Ann's because they had it at $3.99 a ball. I went back last night to look for some more, and it was almost all sold out! I think there were just a couple of balls left.  So I went on the JoAnn's website and found it at the same price (it is normally $5.99 a ball).  I have ordered from them before, and found that they deliver very quickly. Normally, I prefer doing business with Hobby Lobby, but we haven't been able to get up there since I began this project.  I think I can get this finished--I will have some time once final grades are submitted. I'll try to post again with more pictures as I progress.


  1. I envy your talent! I love every afghan I have!

  2. No talent here, BR. Just enjoy doing it! Virginia is the talented one--and so patient.