Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our Trip To the Palmetto State

We we able to get out of town for the day, and we all decided to visit South Carolina.
We all were able to go to our favorite places--we will post more soon--here is Gertie on her way into Hobby Lobby!
I had to get some yarn to keep going on the afghan.  Gertie likes this soft yellow color. I do too.

Next Stop:  cross stitching and embroidery thread!  Gertie likes the J & P Coats best, but she also loves the DMC colors Hobby Lobby carries.  She had a great time looking at all the fabrics and sewing notions.  I bought a new crochet hook using my 40% coupon!


  1. Glad Gertie and friends had a good time.

    Go Gertie!

  2. Well, I love going to Hobby Lobby, too! I love their yarn! Thanks for visiting at our blog today. Yes, there are some wonderful people in Missouri and the countryside is beautiful. Have a nice day! Twyla