Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good Old Golden Rule Days

That time of year is here--one of my very favorites--back to school! I love the approach of autumn, the excitement of the new school year, getting school supplies, and beginning new subjects with new books (new to us, anyway). Before we were able to homeschool our children, this time of year had a tinge of sadness--we would be sending them off. I really missed them when they were gone. This year, I will have two at the College with DH and I. DS2 is beginning his freshman year. DD will be getting started in earnest at the first of next week, but we are working a bit this week to make the transition easier. 

She will be doing more reading than ever. We have stepped away from video classes a bit more this year (nothing wrong with them at all--they're great) and are using a combination of resources and curricula:  Beautiful Feet Books, Memoria Press, Christian Liberty Press and a few others. My goal is to post on each subject area.

I think we are all glad about getting back to more of a routine. Routines bring so much comfort to me personally but can be so elusive when I am trying to establish them. The key to a successful day is beginning with time with the Lord. That has to be the centerpiece of my routine, and I want to be more disciplined. Many years ago, when DD was actually on the way, I drove all over teaching College courses to high school seniors for the College where I worked. It was not the easiest semester I had experienced. I had morning sickness EVERY DAY, several times a day. (That was one routine I was glad to see ended). Anyway, when I knew that the semester was to hold some real challenges, I began the practice of starting each day with time with the Lord. I had some books by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. I began each day with a Diet Mountain Dew, Mrs. Dean and my Bible. The Lord brought me through those difficult days, and DD was born the day after I gave my last final for the fall term! We all survived!  All that is to share my heartfelt and heart-experienced that the key to contentment is time with He Who gave you life.