Thursday, May 23, 2013

Holly Hobbie

Here she is--Holly Hobbie! I love Holly Hobbie!  She is very difficult to find these days, especially in cross stitch designs. I found this 1972 book on the Amazon Marketplace. I cannot wait to get started. I wonder if any of you remember that Sears had two different color schemes of quilt patterns for girls' bedrooms in the 70's? One was comprised of predominantly pink and green patches; the other, blues and browns. Once in a while, I run up on  a picture of one of these. I can't help but think that Sears marketed these in light of the Holly Hobbie designs of the day. Oh well . . .

Here it is! After I posted, I did a quick search. Aren't they lovely?

I am looking forward to starting on this pattern. I have to finish the dancing girls' sampler first. I am about 60% done. There are many things in my sewing basket to keep me busy this summer!


  1. And I still remember the Holly Hobbie gift wrap your family honored me with! Miss Janice

  2. Well, it is a testament to our love for you and Holly!

  3. I had blue brown pattern. Loved it!

  4. Oh, Becky. I loved that blue and brown, too.