Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a Blessing!

An area in our house that stays cluttered is the piano and the surrounding surfaces upon which mountains of music and hymnbooks are place.  There is no order, and anytime one of the kids looks for something in particular, it is lost in the confusion and endless stacks. Well, yesterday I took the bull by the horns and put everything on the table and asked DD to help me sort out what was used and what could be put away or thrown away.  We have had the three crates you see in the picture below, but they were worthless in that stuff was just crammed in them. Once upon a time, each child had his/her own crate for his/her own music, but that didn't last. Now, each crate contains a different set of materials and each of the kids know what is where. In the picture above, you see our hymnbooks arranged for easy access. The little shelf they are in is quite sturdy and everything is right there at their fingertips. I am a happy mom.