Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Years ago when I first started blogging, Blogger would give you this happy little message, "SUCCESS" when you posted on your blog.  This little message of encouragement popped into my mind yesterday when after searching in two other states, I finally found a size N crochet hook at Hobby Lobby. We have owned 3 and lost them all--may I say, "I" have lost them all. As always, DD got me started on using such a substantial hook--this is the size called for in Vanna White's wonderful afghan book.  The patterns in that book are so pretty and so easy to do. I would love to do them all.

 When we went to TN the other day, our family and the Browns met at Hobby Lobby. This Hobby Lobby is wonderful, but was out of, not only the Hobby Lobby Yarnology brand size N, but all other N's as well (unless I bought a large pack of a variety of sizes). The Hobby Lobby in Buford, GA was out last time I looked as well. JO-ANN's in Gainesville had no size N hooks in stock.

Yesterday, we went to Greenville, SC so the Pastor could visit one of his favorite places, the office of the late Oliver B. Greene, The Gospel Hour. Brother Greene has been gone quite a while, but Michael loves his books and his recordings and he can browse through them at the ministry's headquarters there in Greenville.   (BTW, The Gospel Hour is not affiliated with BJU). Anyway, the Hobby Lobby there had one Yarnology size N crochet hook, and I grabbed it. I can finish the pink and white ripple I am working on using the Vanna's Choice yarn. I want to get started on the Lion Brand Heartland afghan soon.

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