Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Merry-Go-Round of this Week

This week has been a whirl-wind of a week, with lots of emotional ups and downs. This post is not meant to be a post of complaining--just a little of "phew, glad that's done."  We have had "Capstone" presentations at the College:  the graduating History majors have to discuss  their research (30 pages minimum) papers to a panel composed of three faculty members. Hubby, Dr. G and myself have heard 8 of these papers presented this week. All of this took a big chunk out of the week.  I feel that I am so behind in my school work otherwise; dear daughter has been on her own too much, and I am lost with regards to where she is in her school work. The van had a minor crisis, but even a minor crisis sets us back tremendously financially. The house is a MESS!  LAUNDRY is taking over. A dear friend of the family has faced a tremendous health crisis but  the Lord has intervened, praise HIS HOLY NAME! One of my cubs is out of the house this weekend, and I am missing him.

On the positive side:  as I said, the Lord has made a terrible health scare for our friend much easier to handle, and the prognosis looks much better than feared. The capstones were completed with a minimum of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (but there was some); the car repair bill was less than $50 and it seems to be running ok. Last night was a great night at home--DS2 and DD watched a movie they had been wanting to see, complete with many snacks.  I cross stitched and watched Murder, She Wrote in our room while Michael read and snoozed.  The day today is rainy and cool, perfect for staying indoors and reading and NOT spending any money!  I have a fridge full of hot dogs for supper, and we should all be back together tonight  to watch a western or Emergency!.

I am hoping to take some pictures of the current WIP--I did finish the pink and white Vanna's Choice afghan, and it is at the foot of our bed.  I crochet most of the time on the way to Church (about a 30 minute drive each way), but my cross stitching is better done here at home with Mary Ethel. My new glasses have made EVERYTHING better--I think I am seeing better than I have in YEARS! They have made school work so much easier.

How has your week been?


  1. Car problems, as my friend Carla will say, are from the devil! There never is a good time for them - we've had plenty. My sister and hubby are having problems with both vehicles and two of their sons - their trucks are in the shop. She is stressing out.

  2. I guess so! Going to get a car fixed is stressful for so many reasons, not the least of which is wondering about how many thousands of dollars it is going to cost to fix it!