Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mary Ethel

This Christmas, the Pastor bought for  me the most marvelous craft lamp you could imagine. The picture above is a stock photo, but my lamp is just like it.  The light is LED, and you can use it with or without the magnifying glasses built in.

When we lived in Tennessee, I taught with another Pastor's wife at the college there. Here name was Mary Ethel. Mary Ethel was always an encouragement to me; in fact, she introduced me to the card game, Authors, and it became a favorite with our children. Mary Ethel was always patient, kind and thoughtful.  In her honor, I have named my lamp, "Mary Ethel." I have been able to cross stitch again, and the crocheting is much easier as well. ME is portable so I can move her around to the table when I am grading or writing lectures. I have even taken her to my side of the bed to supplement the lamp on the nightstand, and I'm enjoying reading again.

As if that isn't enough, Monday I was able to get new glasses. We figured it has been about 4 years since I last went.  With 5 in the family wearing glasses, it is hard to keep track.  I cannot tell you what a difference these glasses have made in the last few days. Together with Mary Ethel, cross stitching is SOOOOO much easier than it had been (the DO told me my eyes had changed a lot since the last Rx).  I'm not ready to stitch on linen or 18-count again, but I can see so much better on my 14-count project. I am working on a pattern from  I bought the first semester we moved here to GA.

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