Friday, November 16, 2012

In the Big City

Hello, Dear Blogging Friends! Well, the Country Mouse is in the Big City. DH and I are here with our kids in Florence, KY. We have been asked by the College to represent them at the College Fair at the Creation Museum. This is so exciting and for so many reasons. We had wanted to go this summer back to the Museum but could not work it out. The Lord knew all along this is what He would have in store for us. I love the Creation Museum and what it represents--the Primacy and Infallibility of God's Holy Word. As I have said for some time now, how can we claim to believe in that empty tomb of the third day if we don't believe in the 6 days? 
Years ago, we visited a very popular Natural Science location (no names mentioned here, but it had lots of fish). The living exhibits were breathtaking, but the facility itself was dark, messy and seemed to have no particular order. Evolution was everywhere. The Creation Museum, by contrast, is bright and beautiful AND as we walked through it, the God-ordained order was evident. 
In a little while, we will go set up our College's table and meet the parents and their children. Our teens will be able to enjoy the Museum all day (and DH2 has already declared his intentions on a large bowl of Skyline chilli).
As for this Country Mouse, I am so happy to be here, and I will post later on the events of the day. 
Wishing a special hello to Miss Janice who first told us about this lovely place several years ago, Mrs. Jenny, whom we already miss, and BRM at Just A Thought! Wish you girls were here with us. 


  1. And Miss Janice wishes she were there with you!!!

  2. Hey, Janice. Ken Hamm is about to speak. This is so GREAT!