Friday, August 3, 2012

What do you think of this lovely pattern? I just received this pattern, complete with fabric and floss from Everything Cross Stitch.  The fabric is 14-count "baby pink"--I think it will be a perfect complement to the colors of the pattern. If you are interested in pretty, affordable patterns and a vast selection of fabrics from which to choose, visit them at

These nice folks are affiliated with PatternsOnLine with whom I have shopped for several years. They are so helpful and their materials are affordable and conveniently delivered to your door!

Please know that my endorsements here are not compensated for in any way. They are just my personal opinions based on experience.

I am still working on the sampler with the lovely dancing girls, and a pattern given to us by our dear friend and piano teacher, Mrs. Ann. That sweet pattern dates back to 1977! Lots of stitching in the days to come!

A little more housework to go for the day and then on to supper (simmering in the crock pot) and tv time with the family. Hope to get some stitching and crocheting done as well.  Wishing each of you a lovely evening--with lots of love sent to DF Janice W  and the Brown girls, Sarah and Sheila.

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  1. Thank you! Rest up for next week. Miss Janice