Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Happy Place

I lifted this picture from the internet, but our new-ish JoAnn's looks much like this. I can't describe the feeling in there. I love Hobby Lobby (they play Christian music in their stores--hymns, no less!) and Michael's (they give a discount to all educator's and welcome homeschooler's in that category, too!), but there is just something lovely about our JoAnn's. Every time DD and I go in there, we are so happy to bet here. We may not buy anything at all, but have such a great time looking around at everything!

DD is knitting a pretty pink sweater for a gift for a family member.  When she ran out of her yarn, she could not find any the same color as that from JoAnn's.  We just weren't able to get up to our store.  Friday, we went, and she found exactly her color and we purchased enough for her to finish the project.  The whole time we were in there, we were looking at buttons, scrapbook material, fleece for blankets and fall decor galore. Everyone was so pleasant, and the store is really well-stocked now. They offer all kinds of craft classes--I would love for DD to be able to attend those at some point.

We may have a rainy day or two this week--it would be so much fun to be able to stay inside with the lamp on and something on TV while we stitched, crocheted and knitted.

God is so good to us to give us these wonderful moments--truly the "desires of our heart."

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