Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Revisiting Old Friends

Over the past few days, I have pulled out my own Quick Cooking magazine collection (this is a stock photo). What a great magazine!  There are so many wonderful practical recipes that are easy to manage for our family of five.  Of course, this title is no longer published by the Reiman folks.  The company has been bought by Reader's Digest--another magazine I used to truly cherish.  Sadly, this acquisition has changed the character of the Reiman family of publications.  Now, Taste of Home, Reminisce and even Country Woman are full of advertisements. The folksy, comfortable "atmosphere" created by these beautifully photographed magazines has changed..  Taste of Home has changed the most, I think. It has lost its rural character, and I rarely see any reference to Church or saying Grace.  Even the recipes have changed.  By trying to appeal to a broader market, they have abandoned the audience (and its values) which made them unique and successful.  Now, the Reiman magazines are just like all of the other nameless, glitzy titles at the check out.

Years ago, my sister-in-law gave me boxes full of her old Taste of Home magazines. That thoughtful gift changed my life.  I kept all of them and added to the collection over the years. Now, I am not even remotely tempted to purchase the new issues. I just pull out the old issues and find something really wonderful to make for supper!

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