Saturday, August 11, 2012

Down Giliead Lane

Do you enjoy children's radio dramas?  I guess most are familiar with Adventures in Odyssey.  Let me share another title with you that we have discovered:  Down Gilead Lane. This program follows the Morrison Family--Mom, Dad and their five children as they find God's will and purpose for their lives.  This program is produced by the Children's Bible Hour Ministries. I have listened to "Uncle Charlie" on BBN's Captain's Club for years (4:00 p. est Monday-Friday).  When the boys were younger they received the devotional, "Keys for Kids."  This ministry is solidly Bible-based.  The story lines and their messages have one purpose: to draw children to Christ through the teaching of Biblical principles.  Visit Uncle Charlie and the CBH Family at   You can listen to some of the stories there and you can hear Uncle Charlie around 4:20 or so every weekday on

I KNOW I would be so much more content through the day and evening if I just listened to BBN!  I can listen to it on the computer since we are out of range for a traditional station here. They play beautiful Christian music and feature uplifting and challenging programming.  I tell the children all the time that what we listen to has such an impact on our hearts and minds.  

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