Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Nice Evening Out

We have had such a busy week getting ready for school and cleaning the house.  The house still isn't really clean, and there is tons left to do for school, but we took today off from all of the busy-ness. We had another rainy morning and early afternoon. We all watched TV, napped and then topped the day off with a trip to Panera Bread Company with our favorite books in tow.  We then went over to JoAnn's and Dad and the boys went to Family Christian Book Store and Best Buy.  JoAnn's still does not have the new DMC Color Variation colors.  They have the "last batch" but not the most recent. Hobby Lobby has quit carrying the Color Variations entirely.  I can get these new shades from Everything Cross Stitch, and that is just fine.
In the third row down on the far left, you can see a lovely combination of Christmas colors. I think I might get a skein of this to use as the border for the Christmas Botanicals pictured below.

We had a great time and ended up at Publix--a chain from my home county in Florida.  I loved seeing all of the beautiful produce, and they had a great BOGO sale on many items we use, including GINARMOUS jars of extra crunchy peanut butter. We loved it.  Their prices otherwise are on the high side, but I love the memories of being in my mom's favorite grocery store, albeit a state away.

Hope your Saturday was great, too, and that you are ready to serve the Lord at His House tomorrow.

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