Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Gang's All Here!

They're all here!  Horace, Homer, Lucan, Virgil, Dante . . . and Dr. Frederick Wheelock . . .
they're all here with the Justus boys and mom!  We are so excited (at least mom is).  Today we began our LT 201 course for summer school. This course was designed and approved a couple of years ago, and I have had the blessing of having taught it once already.  This summer, I am teaching it for the boys.  No one else has registered for it, so we can do it right here at home. I can't believe this is actually happening. We had so much fun today.  I found two translation books which accompany the Wheelock's Latin:  we are moving through them as a method of review.  Once we finish with these first chapters, we will resume our trek through Wheelock's where they each left off in LT 102.

I think the wonderful Dr. Wheelock would be pleased that his marvelous text has inspired not only Classical scholarship, but also a means of strengthening a love of learning and family! What a day!


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  2. Wishing I was sitting in your living room listening to you teach.

  3. We have a great time learning together.