Thursday, May 22, 2014


This has to have been one of my favorite "toys" ever. My parents weren't ones to get the latest toy just because I asked for it, but they did indulge me here by buying me a Spirograph set. It really was one of the most exciting things I remember receiving. The tricky part was getting the pins positioned in the paper and cardboard--the Spirograph today I'm sure doesn't have the pins. The company came out very quickly with a younger edition called "Spirotot."  Again, Moma and Daddy bought that one for me. It was much better suited for my age (probably 5 or 6). 

I still love coloring and drawing although the best I can do is to stay in the lines.
What were some of your favorite toys?

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  1. I loved coloring. My Mrs. Beasley doll, my gold Metal kitchen set and white luggage.

    And then in a tribute to the 70's, I had a Donnie & Marie stage with sound! And the dolls of course. Malibu Barbie and Skipper were the audience.