Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rats! But All is Going to Be Ok.

My computer has hit a serious snag, and it is at the College IT room undergoing treatment. I have serious doubts as to its ability to recover. I am able to post using Hubby's computer. The WONDERFUL gentlemen at IT will have one for me to use today. They told me they could simply switch the hard drive from my computer to another laptop. I am very grateful on so many levels:  they are so very kind--all the time. We would be lost without them at the College. Moreover, since it is a school computer, I am not faced with the expense of repair or replacement. I have an online class this summer so having the computer accessible is crucial, and the IT guys are allowing me to use one of their department laptops until mine is either repaired or permanently replaced!  How is that for going the extra mile? No matter how much computers do for us, they will never be substitutes for human kindness! 

Thank You, Lord, for putting such blessings right in the middle of our lives!

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  1. I so appreciate anyone in IT. Most do not understand that part of their job is hurry and up wait for things to repair, download, etc.