Friday, May 23, 2014

Mrs. Betty Greene

I am just amazed!  This photograph is a picture of two of my high school's language teachers, Mrs. Betty Villanueva and Mrs. Betty Greene.  Mrs. Greene  (on the right) was mentioned in a post below. She was such a patient soul, and I would love for her to know how much she taught me!  Latin gave me great joy all the way through college and graduate school. Now, I have been able to teach it, not only to my homeschooled sweethearts, but also to the kids at Truett. This looks like the very corridor of my classroom!  A few years back, I found a copy of our textbook in a used book store. I ought to find a way to use it in some of  our coursework.

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  1. Cool that you have this picture!

    I am so thankful for those teachers who impacted our lives in the best ways possible.