Friday, May 23, 2014

A Nice Cookout

The semester at school is winding down, and we actually had time to catch our collective breath yesterday afternoon. We all loaded up and went to a local State park to have a cookout. The weather is warm, but neither the temperature nor the humidity were oppressive. Hubby did his usual fabulous job grilling the burgers and (turkey) franks. He heated a can of baked beans on the grill, too. It all tasted so good.  4/5 of us have had a bug that has hung on with annoying tenacity. A couple of us would get better then come back down with it all again. However, sneezing, coughing, finals and grading were all forgotten as we enjoyed our burgers and beans and the joy of each other's company. 


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  2. I do the grilling - I am trying to convince my hubby that somewhere between Genesis and maps it says the Husband should grill - for some reason he doesn't believe me.

    If I am going to do all the work - inside and out - I'd just as soon stay inside and in one place.

  3. I think that cold has made its rounds through all the drama families. Grace was sick two weeks ago, me last week, and now Scott this week.