Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday at Home . . . Kind of . . .

Today, I have a little bit of time at home with DS2 and DD. We have to get some organizational time in on our homeschool assignments, and this is the day that they get to go to their art/drama class. These classes are taught by a wonderful teacher, Miss Shannon. They are learning art history for the first hour, then DD participates in the drama class where they are working on a production of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." DS2 and I spend the last of that time together working on our school work. The fee for the classes is only $20 a month for the whole family. When DS 1 gets a day off from being Joe College, he is welcomed to attend as well. While they are having fun with their classes, I am sitting next door in the bowling alley (yes, the bowling alley--it's wonderful) grading papers and enjoying a huge diet coke (which would be illegal in New York City).  What I enjoy about this program most is that the kids are having a great time with other homeschoolers. Miss Shannon keeps the atmosphere positive and disciplined. She doesn't crack a whip, but encourages strongly everyone to be kind and Christ-like. I don't think she makes much money, if any,  off of this enterprise; the fees go primarily to pay for the use of the building. But she is such a blessing to all of them.

I hope to load up the crock pot this morning and get the tea made so that when we get home, I don't have a lot to do to get supper ready. Last night, DS1 and I went to school to work for a little while before the debates. I really need some Mom time with DS2 and DD today.  Everyone is so tired--not a bad tired, just a tired, tired. We had the singing convention at Church this weekend and that was just a foreshadow of heaven. But, it was really a lot of work getting ready for it. I hope this weekend we can take it a little bit easy. No complaints . . . just thinking out loud and thanking God for His provision and the joys He gives us day to day.


  1. Day to day. I often forget we are to pray for daily bread. Not tomorrow's bread.

    I'm glad your day went well.

    Mom- isn't that an awesome title to have?

  2. You are so right--today's bread is all we need today. Yes, "Mom" is my favorite title.