Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Golden Sewing Basket

Well, here is my new sewing basket I purchased at my beloved Hancock's in North Carolina on our break. This picture doesn't do it justice. You can see I am making very little progress on the sampler, but I was able to do some today on the way back home from our morning services. I'll try to get my expert photographer to help with some better pictures soon. I am working on 14-count with two threads.  I am flirting with the ideas of adding some beads or buttons and perhaps a border using a variegated floss pattern. If I continue working very hard, I should be finished in time for the next Presidential election--2016.

"Rascal for President"


  1. I think I have thread from my 9th grade Home Ec. Sewing class. I received a. "C" out of pity. I once pinned my pattern to the carpet.

    All that said....lovely sewing basket.

    Happy sewing.

  2. Now, I am a terrible seamstress. I love cross stitching and crocheting, but sewing on a button is a big stretch for me. : D

  3. Yes, I see the campaign slogan at the bottom of your comments! And do not forget "Beau for Vice President". Miss Janice

  4. I was kind of thinking of Beau as our Secretary of Defense. She would put even Rummy to shame in terms of her zeal to defend the nation.

  5. Secretary of Defense. I like that! And pity the poor soldier that went AWOL....would you want Beau to come after you?! The way she chases and catches a Frisbee would make a grown man cry.