Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. I love Halloween and always have. I have wonderful memories of getting a costume at Sears or Penney's which would become pj's for the rest of the year.  When I was very little, Moma made us matching black cat costumes. One year, when money was just too tight to buy a costume, I borrowed an old skirt, a scarf and some dangling earrings and went as a gypsy! I loved it.
When the kids were little, they had store bought costumes, but now with everyone so tall (DS2 is 6'4), they have had to be more creative. Last year, DS 1 and DD went as Dr. Who and his Companion. DS 2 went as Clark Kent, complete with Superman shirt underneath his blazer and white dress shirt.

As a family, for several years we have been watching The Ghost and Mr. Chicken as well as the Great Pumpkin special. We have added a Halloween episode of Gilligan's Island and Andy Griffith. There is nothing really scary or sinister any of these.

When I was looking for a vintage Halloween picture, I found this one. I loved the old Brach's candies. My dad would always buy for me a box of the chocolate stars. They are very difficult to find. Last year, Wally World started carrying some of the Brach's candies. Do you like candy corn? I love it, especially the Indian Corn.

Hope you have a wonderful night with lots of treats!


  1. I remember walking with my dad every Halloween. The costumes came in a box and they tied in the back, the mask was plastic held by an elastic band. I think I was Barbie a few times.

    I had fun with the trick or treaters tonight. I love to tease them!

  2. YES! That describes the costumes to a T! So glad you had funw ith the kids!

  3. The owl is so cute and would cost a fortune now to make. miss janice